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"On a table leg..."

edited January 2012 in - Writing Tales

Yeah, right ...
I knew my "Bathroom Anthology" written on a roll of toilet paper would come into fashion eventually.

So, how about TB'ers creating "an object/edition that somehow incorporates text". Maps, newspapers and advertisements have already been used, so I'll start us off with

"Monologue on a table leg"
(to be written on a wooden table leg and packaged and sent to subscribers

There's something more than meets the eye to a table leg, be it wooden, plastic or chrome. It serves much more than a prop for for a flat surface on which to place your plate of toast at breakfast time.

... over to you


  • Gives a whole new meaning to getting post...
  • ...only last week at the theatre when Long John Silver broke his leg "...is there a table leg in the house..." You just never know when you need a table leg. ;-)
  • "I'm Jake the Peg (diddle iddle iddle ed)
    With the extra leg (diddle iddle iddle ed)"

    (Rolf Harris)
  • Who's going to do the next leg? I'm legless, already, so it can't be me.
  • Yooooooooooo



    leftie leggie in

    your rightie leggie out

    shaketh it all aboooooot
  • Well, commiserations to Lexia, we've gone spectacularly off topic here, because the puns to be mined out of the table leg idea are plentiful and irresistible.
    Now what object can I write my monologue on...?

    Ah, I know, the inside of the chocolate wrapper from yesterday's session (of writing, of course, not chocolate eating).
  • Thanks for the commiserations PBW. You just can't get some people to concentrate on the task in hand, can you ?
    So, as I was saying ...
    what shall we have for dinner today ?

    Good luck with the choc wrapper. You will have to write extremely small I think for this project, unless of course you mean one of those extra large family size bars.
  • Air on a G-String, anyone? You'd need a very small pen, though.
  • pbwpbw
    edited January 2012

    [quote=lexia] one of those extra large family size bars[/quote]

    I want to be careful how much I admit, here...
  • What are we writing on at the moment- G-strings, legs, or chocolate.
    Now theres a combination.
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