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New Book Narrow Daylight

edited January 2012 in - Writing Tales
If you enjoy what you read then please leave a review. Please repost this link on your walls and feel free to tweet it too. Thanks for all your support!

Phil x

[EDIT BY WEBBO] removed the links again, see below


  • Awwwwwwwwwww Phil, :)

    You left a kiss this time

    If you come back and talk to us we might just have a peep at it for you?

    here's a kiss back

  • Of course I left a kiss, i'm a nice boy. I'm just busy trying to promote my work. I can see from my last post this can be frowned upon. I have been a subscriber and contributor to writing magazine for some years now so not a spammer like people may think.

    P x
  • OMG

    You came back


    I'm almost speechless
  • Of course I did. As I said I'm just a humble writer trying to get a bit of publicity. Not a spammer that is just sending out links.
  • Well thank you for explaining that, Phil5, only we were all getting a bit worried with you rushing off like that,
    as we don't think we're contagious or anything, at least that's what the nice lady in the white coat and face mask keeps signing to us through the window.

    Good luck with your writing.
  • Awww thanks Dora. Yes I can see you were all concerned. Hectic times when trying to promote something to the World. I shall try not to be a stranger.

    Have a nice evening or morning ;-)

    P x
  • Hello Phil5
  • Hello Phil5.
    The issue with TB's about your 'promotion' has been this- while you've been a subscriber to the magazines for years, you haven't been on Talkback for years.
    The forum has a problem with some writers joining, leaving their promotional link, and not coming back and having no intention of taking part in the life of the forum.
    This has been happening a lot recently, so sorry if the welcome has been less than friendly at times.

    So please pop in and share your insights into writing, publishing and promotion.
  • Thanks Carol. Will do.

    P x
  • [quote=Phil5]I'm just busy trying to promote my work. I can see from my last post this can be frowned upon.[/quote] and yet you've done it again.
    I'm sorry if you find this unfair, but Talkback is a place for support, encouragement, advice, etc. Yes, TBers draw attention to their writing and achievements, but not solely for the purposes of promotion, and they also make an effort to get to know other users or participate in threads that are not about their own book listing on Amazon. Feel free to add your Amazon link to your profile page.
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