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Ebooks in colour (on Amazon KDP)

edited January 2012 in - Writing Tales
Just thought I'd post this as a new thread as a couple of us mentioned on another thread about wondering when ebooks will be in colour.
Well, I just published mine yesterday and though the 'preview' was black and white, the published thing is in colour.
So all you artists out there get your work into an ebook !

And so to my next publication ...


  • You mean the reader saw the colour?
  • erm... yes !

    On Kindle for PC which is dead simple to download and takes about 10 seconds
  • Ah, but that's your PC's colour capabilities not kindle. i have kindle on my ipad.
  • Unless your e-reader supports colour, you'll only be able to see the colour on your computer or IPad as Liz has mentioned.
  • So do some support colour, carol?
  • I can get it on my iphone too.

    (This all makes me wonder what the benefits of having an actual Kindle are, against using a notebook computer or iphone )
  • I can get colour on my ipad of course.

    I was thinking about picture books on kindle etc.
  • I think there was one produced late last year, Liz, but not sure if it was available in the UK, and it wasn't one of the big names.
  • Kindle Fire - isn't that the version that supports colour? (Not that I know much about these things)
  • The advantage of Kindle is the i-ink, non-glare screen, which means you can read it anywhere. But no colour...unless you get the Kindle Fire which is much the same as any other tablet from what I've heard.
  • Kindle Fire is Amazon's entry into the tablet market. Only available in the US so far (launch here expected soon). You can get them, as 'grey' imports, but probably wise to wait for the official launch. Price said to be around £100, but I'll believe that when I see it.
  • What would be ideal is an 'i-ink' facility on a tablet. It will come, I'm sure. I find just turning the brightness right down on the ipad makes reading easy - and I even read 70,000 words in the garden in the summer, so it can't suffer too much in the glare!
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