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I have my first writing job!

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Hello everyone,

It seems the Voodoo curse that has been on me for the last couple of weeks has been lifted! I call it a curse because it is the only reason that I ripped my school shoes open, broke a £200 chair at home, walked into a glass door twice, failed to push a big bin and ended up falling over it because the brakes were on, tearing down my gran's blinds and breaking her freezer door and front room light switch. So It is a curse or I am just really unlucky...

Anyway my luck has now changed. I went to Alexander Palace today for a model train show (Its a hobby of mine) and I met the head writer of the magazine they produce. It lands on my doormat once a month and contains recent information about the members, the shows around the country or a certain locomotive or rolling stock that has been brought. The magazine is called the HRCA (Hornby railway collectors association) and it is all about train sets from the 1950's. I collect three rail locomotives and stock so if you have any sitting in your attic and you don't want them anymore please whisper to me because I would be very eager to collect them. I've been asked to review some of the local shows in the magazine! It is a non paying job but it is a way to be recognised in the world. My article will be the magazine issued the month after the event.

That's made my day.


  • Well done, ST. That's been some bad luck you've been having but let's hope it is all behind you.
  • That's great news that shows good things happen to good people.

    I'm sure now your luck will change.
  • That is wonderful news. Congratulations - there's no way better of beginning your writing career than by writing about something you enjoy.
  • That's brilliant news.
    See I told you it would get better...:)
  • Great news. Congratulations ST.
  • Congratulations! [quote=Baggy Books] there's no way better of beginning your writing career than by writing about something you enjoy. [/quote] I agree.
  • Well done -makes no odds if it's non-paid it's still great exposure :)
  • You've got to start somewhere - and this is something you know about, so will be happy writing about. Well done, StF - and as for all the other stuff (how do you walk into the same glass door twice?), you're a writer not a fighter, bin-pusher, freezer-door shutter...
  • Well done St - hobbies pay. My son is hooked on Lego and has his own shop-site.
  • Yay! Fantastic news, St Force - may this be the first of many articles. Congratulations!
  • Hey, what a great break! Articles you will enjoy writing and they will look great on your writing CV and in your cuttings book! (Magazine cuttings, that is, not railway cuttings...)
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    St F - that's fantastic. I have some 1950s Hornby stuff but mainly Tri-Ang.

    oops should have said I won't be handing it over :)
  • great news - well done
  • WELL DONE!! Brilliant, this is a fantastic way of practicing and getting stuff on your Cv and getting known and showing commitment... so pleased for you, StF.
  • Good stuff, StF, pleased for you
  • That's great news St F - best of luck and enjoy the experience. Don't forget to save copies of all your published stuff
  • Congratulations, StF! That's wonderful news :)
  • Well done, St F, that's brilliant!
  • Well done StF it will be good experience that will may well serve you well.
  • Congratulations. a great start to a writing career. Well done.
  • Well done ST , but I hope you will not be offended id I don`t ask you over for tea. I like my house as it is and no renovations need doing.
  • Hey, well done, ST!

    You never know where this will lead...
  • Congratulations stf!
  • Brilliant news, well done!
  • edited March 2012
    Sounds like a great oppurtunity, St Force, well done
  • [quote=Col B]You never know where this will lead... [/quote]

    "cocks leg against lampost"

    hurrraaaaaaaaay For stf
  • Well done StF!
  • That's ace news, may it be the first or many writing jobs :)
  • wEll done ST Force. Onwards and upwards.
  • Yippee, StF, this sort of niche market will just suit you! Go for it and good luck (and do a VERY THOROUGH EDIT before you submit!!!!!)

    Well done that chap!
  • That's good news St.force. I often walked from Finsbury Park to Alexander Palace (Ally pally) when I was a boy. I was born in Finsbury Park - no, not the park but the district of London with that name. I often used to take my son to model railway exhibitions. I am keen on steam trains.
  • edited March 2012
    Finsbury Park ! Rode the National Junior (under 18) cycling road race championships there in 1954. Some dork shunted our car outside Lords cricket ground and smashed my handlebars and I spent a frantic hour in Claude Butler's shop fitting new ones and got on to the line just as the race started. Wrong bars for me, and I was gutted to finish 38th but my team mate, and still close friend, Trev was 10th. About a dozen of us from various Birmingham clubs and we gave the soft southeners a good kicking with a 1-2-3. Happy days!

    (Sorry I hijacked the thread StF. :) )
  • Well done StF and don't worry that it's non paying as its a foot in the door. I was also a massive Hornby fan as a teenager and loved collecting and building tracks. I had lot of stuff in my attic from originals to double 0's. I had one of the very first 125 sets ever made, wish I still had it. I was also mad on Tri-Ang. My mum was a model builder for Meccano so we had a lot of 'unofficial' stuff in our house from even before I as born. Again wish we still had it as it would be worth a fortune now.
  • I lived in Finsbury Park in 1954. I was an undersized 8 yrs old.
  • Sorry I missed this when you first posted it st_f, many congratulations. This will be great for your writing CV!
  • Congrats st force. I hope you enjoy the shows as well as writing the reviews.
  • Thanks guys. There is just something about playing trains that is... fun almost relaxing. Is it just me?

    You might have been undersized Stan but I have never ever been small. Mum measured me the other day, in fact. St Force, aged 18, Height 6'2"
  • Good news St. Force. You enjoy your subject, then the writing will shine, and you may get asked to do something else.
  • Well done, St F!
  • Well done stf...and please don't stand next to me (I'm only five foot half - the 'half' is very important to me).
  • [quote=st force]You might have been undersized Stan but I have never ever been small[/quote]

    Once, dear boy, you were so small you weren't even a twinkle in your daddy's eye.
    However more than 18 years have come and gone since then and now you're a bruisin' great beanpole with snow on the top (it's much warmer down here at the 5'2" level)
    and we luvs ya!
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