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"My radio interview was a fantastic success - now I'm looking forward to a booksigning opportunity

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I hope Baggy approves of the post title - she should, they're her words! (edited slightly because her version was a little too long for TB)

The booksigning has been confirmed. It will be in the Fareham (Hampshire) branch of Waterstones on 7th July from 11.00 .

The publisher is providing posters for me to put up locally - any suggestions for suitable places? He suggests supermarkets, doctor surgeries and libraries, so I'll try all those. There will also be leaflets for me to hand out to people (eeek) and postcards and bookmarks to give away on the day.

I'm kind of looking forward to this ...


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    You may like to think about putting up the posters in places where people gather ie

    community halls

    public noticeboards (we have one in our village centre at the shops),

    in places where there is a lot of traffic ie at the QMC hospital there is waiting area where one can wait for one's prescription and all sorts of notices go
    up there

    7th July is a Saturday I think

    edited to say how about approaching book groups in your area with the info or the places where they congregate

    also edited to say good luck :)
  • Good suggestions - thanks.

    Yes, it's a Saturday.

    I get the ferry to work and often see people reading - I'll give them leaflets (as they won't be able to escape me except by jumping overboard and maybe some will get into work and say 'a nutter on the ferry gave me this' and thereby spread the word)
  • he he! what fun. Libraries are the best idea as that's where all the book lovers go,- apart from other bookshops and that would be a bit weird... What about local Unis and colleges that have creative writing courses?
  • I could ask the lady whose courses I attended to tell her students about it. I'll try to contact other local writing groups too - most writers are readers too and I expect some might come just to be nosey (kind of thing I'd do!)
  • How exciting!

    I must google Fareham and see how far it is. I think it would be too far, but you never know!
  • PM, for the contact details of writers groups check with the central library for the area- they are more likely to have up to date contact details for the groups. (I've found the NAWG- certainly for our area-has out of date contact details, but it's worth checking because you may be able to e-mail info for them to distribute.)

    Young Farmers groups- do they exist any more?
  • [quote=Carol]Young Farmers groups- do they exist any more?

  • Another opportunity then...
  • Could try local cafes, the local Starbucks in my town has a big advertising board for such things - worth a try
  • I used to be in Young Farmers ... lived elsewhere then so no contacts locally. Will look into it.

    Carol, I'm on some kind of mailing list for local writing groups so I'll contact the person who sends stuff out and see if she'll be able to help.

    Cafes and coffee shops are a good plan - we have a lot round here.
  • Sounds like you have a good range of possibilities, PM.
    Good luck.
  • All very exciting - best of luck!
  • Don't forget to get it into the writing magazines and their diary sections.
  • PM, I sneaked in here ready to make a few suggestions, but I'm left scratching my head as they've all been suggested! :) If anything pops into my head, I will return. The very best of luck with your event.
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    <a href="http://s144.photobucket.com/albums/r175/phots-moll/?action=view&current=Poster.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r175/phots-moll/Poster.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
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    I didn't do that right ...
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  • Ooooh - that looks really good.
  • The publisher designed them and is getting them printed for me.
  • I want those stripy stockings.
  • My comment disappeared!!

    First of all, I said, 'Oops!' to you, Liz. I was trying to quote you about the stockings, but clicked 'Thanks' by mistake. I then commented that I would have preferred the hunk to the stockings!!

    Then, PM, I was 'Wow-ing' at the poster, impressed at how professional and organised everything is and, finally, I hoped that you would sell trillions of copies!!!

    Somewhere, in the midst of all that, the internet went off.

    So, here goes again...
  • That looks great.
  • Those stockings are great, aren't they? Phillip Grizzell who designed the cover had to make them as nothing suitable seemed to exist anywhere. (Make them electronically I mean - I'm not sure he can knit) He did the poster too (and there will be bookmarks and postcards for me to give out on the day) Not sure why 'international' is spaced out like that, but otherwise I'm happy with it.
  • Have you got a trailer/video clip?

    Liz - would you like us to call you Pippa?
  • Was there a model for the cover, Patsy?

    I mean model(s) plural (sorry, just been ogling the hunk's bottom and forgot there was another person in the pic)
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    That looks flipping fantastic.

    Fareham's not that far from me, but it's mainly motorways, so can't make it.

  • Thanks, Jay.

    No video clip, no. Do you think they help sales?

    Dora, he gets the pictures from a stock library,rather than hiring models and a photographer. Then he adds the background and tweaks things to fit - eg the girl in the initial photo wasn't a redhead, but as my character is he changed that. She had bare, crossed legs and shoes. They weren't stood on grass ...

    I don't think the guy in the jeans is hurting my sales!

    Not to worrk, Baggy - hopefully we'll get to meet up another time.
  • There was a thread about video clips and sales. I'll see if I can find it.
  • Strange. I can't find anything. I could have sworn someone else asked about sales.
  • How about having a series of adverts in a local paper - lonely heart style.

    Looking for romance...etc etc - you'd have to pay, but it wouldn't be that much.

    You might find the paper pick up on the theme and turn it into an article.
  • Well done Photo-Moll and all the best with the book signing.
  • http://www.world-newspapers.com/yorkshire.html

    BR gave me this link on another thread. It may be useful for contacting papers as per BB's comment above.
  • Jay, I thought I'd seen something too but couldn't remember if anyone thought it was worthwhile - maybe we both read a post somewhere else?

    Baggy, I love that idea! Will have a think about it.
  • How about placing an advert where you are looking to find the mysterious tractor driver that waved at you the other day etc etc.

    Couple of weeks later the tractor driver responds.

    Couple of weeks after that you suggest meeting at Waterstone's...

    I can see a movie...cameras...makeup...me and Dora covered in mud...
  • [quote=Baggy Books]me and Dora covered in mud[/quote] That'd make a movie all right!
  • :)

    or better still ... covering each other in mmmmmmud :)

    oh no, I forgot, Brian would be there, watching. Hmm. Need a rethink.

    That idea about the serial lonely hearts ads IS good, BB. Havce you drafted out the short story that goes with it yet, PM? :)

    Have you now a long To Do list, PM?
  • [quote=dora]
    Have you now a long To Do list, PM?[/quote] Oh yes!
  • This could be your Pi
  • Too far for me, but do enjoy yourself Tosh, and may this be the first of many
  • I am impressed with your book cover. Good Luck with the signing. If you know of any establishments locally where there are writing groups you could stick up a poster there.
  • Really enjoyed your book, PM. Have posted a review on Amazon (SheReads).
  • I had my second interview this morning. Think it was OK.

    It's here in case you'd like to listen - http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/p00tjqrz My bit starts about 11 minutes in.
  • Congratulations PM and good luck for the day! Well done, you!
  • Well done, PM.
  • Well done PM. Great stuff. :)
  • That's great news PM! The best of luck with it :)
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