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Skinny dipping

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My wee poem (yes it's a haiku) which was selected as one of the seven winners in the Great Big Little Poems comp has just been published on the Every Day Poets website http://www.everydaypoets.com/senryu-by-marion-clarke/


  • Congratulations, Seaview.
  • Hooray for seaview!
  • Well done, seaview!
  • Hurray for Seaview
  • Well done, Seaview!
  • Congratulations, Seaview!
  • Very well done, Seav!
  • YeeHAH, well done Seaview
  • Fab haiku, Seaview. I've been in Notes from the Gean!

    Alan Summers (in the comments) is the haiku teacher I (and my poet friends) employed a little while ago to do an internet haiku course.
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    Thanks everyone-I've been concentrating on studying Japanese style short form poetry for a while now so it's good to know that something is going in! :)

    I don't think visitors to EDP can comment unless they're registered but I think you can rate it by clicking on the star system - if you think it's good enough, that is!
  •  I love Notes from the Gean, Liz - well done!

    you wouldn't believe how chuffed i was when Alan Summers commented - im sure my husband wondered why I was so excited!!! :)

    Did you enjoy the course?

  • LizLiz
    edited July 2012
    It was only as part of a Renku done with Alan in Bath.

    The course was amazingly difficult. We were all poets, some VERY well known. On several occasions when we have been together we have discussed haiku and at a poetry exhibition I did in 2009, Alan visited and was grilled by a few of them. They were somewhat resentful (probably too strong a word) of the fact I said what they were writing were not haiku - I feel very strongly that if you publish a poem in a children's book and call it a haiku, particularly as an example of a haiku, it should be one!

    So, wanting to do something more intense earlier in the year I asked Alan if he would do me a course over the internet, as I'm unable to get to his things. He agreed, and said if anyone else wanted to do it it would be cheaper. So i mailed all my poet friends, and they ALL wanted to do it, in fact we had to split into 2 groups.

    One gave up! We all feel we learned a lot, but the trouble is, there is just so much to learn. He was very strict as we were of a high standard poetry wise and I think he was a bit too strict really as it took a lot of the enthusiasm away for some of us.

    That said, we all wrote at least one real haiku. Some wrote quite a few.

    Bloomin 'eck it's difficult though, and I'm not surprised it's been dumbed down into a 3 line poem in many instances by people who just don't or can't 'get' it.
  • Very clever, Seaview.

    (A sight I hope not to see if ever I holiday in Ireland... then again, depends who's doing it!!)
  • Well done Seaview
  • You are right, Liz - it's a difficult form, but once you 'get' it, as you say, you start seeing life in haiku moments - it's bizarre! :)
  • :) Thanks, Tiny Nell, yes, I guess it would depend on who the moon belonged to!
  • Congratulations, Seaview.
  • Well done, Seaview
  • Love it.
  • Well done, SeaView
  • I must say I'm delighted that Every Day Poets dedicated a week to this competition to showcase the winning entries. It's great to see Japanese-style short form poetry being aired on a general poetry site rather than a dedicated forum.

    If anyone is interested in studying the form a bit, you could try visiting the Haiku Foundation - I've learned so much since registering there http://www.thehaikufoundation.org/
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