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My first article accepted - Best Of British Magazine

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Last year I won an article writing course with Writing Magazine. ( Swanwick prize)
I wrote an article on collecting vintage powder compacts ( one of my hobbies) as an assignment and the tutor said it was very good and told me to send it to the Best of British Magazine. That had been my target magazine. The editor emailed to say that they want it! Not sure when it will be published exactly. I had to send photos too. Hurrah! I get some money for my writing at last!


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    That is exciting news Katyanne - congratulations and a brilliant achievement. The article writing course certainly paid off.

    I think you've demonstrated an important message here for newbie writers - you had your target market in mind before you did the work.
  • Oooh, brilliant! MONEY! So rarely seen as a poet! Congratulations, on selling the first article you have written, this must bode well.
  • Congratulations, wonderful news!
  • That's wonderful news Kateyanne, well done.
  • Well done Nefertari, and thanks for mentioning 'Best of British', which I hadn't been really aware of previously. I was sufficiently motivated to email them to see if they'd be interested in stuff of mine, relating to my childhood experiences in WWII and National Service in the 1950's.
  • Excellent, Nef, well done - and make sure ALCS get to know of it too!
  • Well done Kateyanne - a great result!
  • Brilliant news, well done Nef
  • Well done. I've written articles for BoB in the past too, they're pretty good.
  • Well done! Excellent news!
  • Congratulations, Nef. Fantastic news!
  • Woohoo!! Terrific news, Nef. Onwards and upwards.
  • Hurray for Nef Kateyanne.

    Ps lend us a fiver will you, now you're looted :)
  • Well done, Nefertari! And goes to show that the WM course was worth winning. And the Best of British Luck to you!
  • Well done, the first published article is always memorable!
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    Dora what's your address? :)
  • Many congrats! And be aware - article writing can become addictive! ;)
  • Wow! Congratulations, Nefertari.
  • Excellent news - well done!
  • Congratulations!
  • Well done. Best of British is great.
  • Another well done from me! You're doing so well at the moment, Nefertari!!
  • Brilliant news! Another string to your bow, too. Just don't go spending all the cash on another vintage powder compact!
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    Well done on your Best of British acceptance.

    There is a magazine called Vintage Life that looks at the post war period. Maybe you could reuse your research and send them a piece on your collection, too.
  • Thanks, Wordy great idea will look into that!
  • Well done Nefetari
  • Excellent! Well done, Nefertari.

    It sounds like the Swanwick courses are pretty good - I keep meaning to look into going one year, but for some reason I always seem to miss it until it's too late.
  • Danfango the course is with WM, you can start them anytime.The prize was with the Swanwick writing school.
  • Wow - an article and a poem in the winning stakes - well done that girl!
  • [quote=Nefertari]Danfango the course is with WM, you can start them anytime.The prize was with the Swanwick writing school.[/quote]

    Sorry, I misread what you'd written. Well done, anyway!
  • Well done! :-)
  • This is really good news. Well done.
  • [quote=Nefertari]Dora what's your address?[/quote]

  • Congratulations, Nefertari!
  • Congratulations.
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  • That's great. Looking at Mslexia's survey on published writer's earnings this month. Half earn nothing at all. So you just moved to the other half.
  • It's out now in the magazine I have been told.Must get a copy.
  • Well, there's a good start to the weekend - well done!
  • In fact - I'm going to go and buy a copy. It's been ages since I looked at that mag.
  • Oh well looks like the numbers buying will go up this month then thanks to my article :)
    I've just bought a copy. I don't always buy it. I am very pleased with the way they have set it out and a two page spread! :)
  • I haven't read it yet but I agree about the layout - makes you want to read it.

    Come on - how many times have you opened it and re-read it - honestly?
  • Only two so far...
  • well done Nefertari, it's a double whammy, the buzz of acceptance tingles you again when you see your article in print. I like BoB, not one I buy every month but if something in there catches my eye or I often get one to slip in with a birthday parcel - I shall look out for the current issue now (mystery deepens in the BoB office as circulation soars...)
  • Darn it. I read this earlier and meant to buy a copy when I nipped out. Suffice to say I shall buy it tomorrow!
  • I read it yesterday while the Sussex coast was sitting in cold and cloud. I found it really interesting. So, how many times have you re-read it now?
  • Well done Nefetari, must nip down to WHSmiths.

    (Make sure you have at least one other copy of the magazine though, sealed in a plastic bag and tucked away safely)
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