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Very very excited - my children's book to be published

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I saw a piece in WN a few months back by the publisher Little Devil Books in America asking for submissions of children's books. So I sent them my book 'Krystal Bull Rain Dancer'. They loved it and are going to publish it in May or June!

They don't pay an advance but pay by royalties.


  • Oh, well done, Nefertari - and well spotted, too! Score for WM!
  • YAY!!!! FABULOUS! That's brilliant! did you write it with an American feel or does it just fit? Congratulations!
  • I'm thrilled for you, well done and congratulations.
  • No I didn't Liz but it has a cowgirl and a native American in it. That may have helped :)
  • What wonderful news! You must be so excited. Let us know when it's out. Is it a picture book?
  • No it's for 9 year plus.
  • Congratulations and good luck with sales.
  • Wonderful news - congratulations
  • Great stuff, Nefertari, couldn't be more pleased for you.
  • Hurrraaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! You deserve all the success that comes your way!
  • Brilliant news, well done!
  • Excellent news. Best of luck with it!
  • That's wonderful news, Nefertari. Well done. :)
  • Brilliant! Well done, Nefertari.
  • Well done, Nefertari!
  • Cracking News Nef, really pleased for you. Now, sell sell sell!
  • Congratulations, Nefertari! What great news. Best of luck!
  • Silly me, Nefertari. I read your heading as meaning that your children were having their book published.

    But this is nearly as good. Well done to you and hoipefully lots of royalties (is that what they're called in USA?).
  • Hurray for Nefertari.
  • Yippee-yi-yay! for Nefertari.
  • Superb!

    Well done, Nefertari. Onwards and upwards!!
  • Congratulations! Really pleased for you.
  • How brilliant! Many congratulations :)
  • Fantastic news - congratulations.
    And doesn't this just vindicate the usefulness of WM/WN for experienced writers?
  • Inspiring news to start the year. Well done.
  • That's brilliant, well done.
  • Fantastic, well done
  • Thanks everyone.
    This book is being published under the name Shirley Harber, a family name.
  • This is fabulous news to read, Nefertari. I do believe I may just reiterate my "yeehaaah" from another place and time. Yaahaaah! So thrilled for you.
  • can never have enough Yeehaaahs IG!
  • Great news, Nefertari! Well done.
  • edited April 2013
    I have now got my new web site for my soon to be published children's book under my pen name of Shirley Harber. It's more or less finished.Any thoughts? The cover will go on there once it is ready with book details.

  • It may be just me, but I find light writing on a dark background difficult to read.
  • Love the header. The pic of the native American is fabulous.

    The text below is way too dense, no-one will read it. I wouldget rid of 'haha'... well, no need to. But it's my pet hate, telling people when to laugh!

    I've just had a bit from writers dock explaining how many words to put in a sentence (no more than 10) and how many sentences per para (no more than 3) to enable the max number of people being able to read and understand without dropping out.

    I try to make my paras as short as possible.
  • Ok, just been back and read more - put your most important info FIRST. You have a new BOOK!! Scream about it. The info about you should be available, but the book is the most important info. I'd put the stuff about you on a tab.
  • Oh thanks both of you! I will give that some thought about the dark background and also the wording. Off to do that now.
  • I've just registered my 'Like', Shirley. That's the first time I've ever been able to like anything!

    Well done. You must be feeling very excited!! :D
  • Thanks! But what do you mean, Little Nell? Where have you registered your like? On FB?
  • I'm not keen on the little dots floating about - combined with the changing header and the shaded background and writing in a similar colour it seems something to watch rather than to read and pay attention to.

    I wouldn't ask people if they want to know more either - they wouldn't be looking at the site otherwise.

    Would also change the 'if you have time please email me' bit as it sounds a little needy. Something along the lines of 'if you'd like to contact me about my books I'd be very happy to hear from you' might be better.

    Like the colours, the images are nice and clear and it's simple to navigate around the site.
  • Well, squuuueeee!
  • I have 'liked' it too.

    Agree with Liz about getting the book info first. I would make the page about Krystal Bull the home page, then have the info about you as an 'about me' page. I really liked the writing about you though, it was nice and friendly.
  • I am THRILLED for you Nef!

    *Dances off into the sunset singing, "How do you like me now-ow?" *
  • [quote=Nefertari]Thanks! But what do you mean, Little Nell? Where have you registered your like? On FB?[/quote]

    I clicked on the blue link to your website and scrolled down to where there was a 'like' button. You now have 12!
  • Make that 13 :)
  • Where is that like thing on my site? I can't see it or perhaps I wouldn't?
  • Did you install it? They don't necessarily come pre-installed.
  • oh maybe my friend helped me with the site I will ask him.
  • I thought the little dots were my eyes!
    Liz is right about too much info all in one go. Precis it, Nef.
    And well done - in print - fabulous!
  • It's a Wordpress site - those tabs can be installed on any post, and more of them like pinterest. You just say which you want as you write the post.

    My website designer gave me instructions as to how to do everything on it to maintain it - I would get yours to write them out for you so you can learn yourself, you can't hang around all the time waiting to learn how to do stuff.

    And it is easy... really easy.
  • thanks liz yes he is doing that, he's taught me a lot so I am gaining in my word press knowledge,quite pleased with myself what I can do now. Thanks for all your suggestions.
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