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Question for Webbo re Star letter

edited January 2013 in - WM and WN
I wrote the WM star letter a couple of months ago and was very excited at the prospect of receiving a copy of the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook. However, it doesn't seem to have arrived. I was just wondering how long it usually takes to come, or whether there is a chance that it's got lost in the post.

Post and title of thread edited as suggested below. Many thanks.


  • Call them - or send Webbo a message - you should have it by now.
    And congratulations!
  • LizLiz
    edited January 2013
    Congratulations, Pebble! Hope you stay around to be laced by the tides of Talback...

    Edit to say, if you edit your comment, you ca also edit your thread title - change to include something like, 'Question for Webbo', and he'll notice more quickly.
  • Congratulations, Pebble.
  • Hello, Pebble

    The WM offices are closed now, but I'll flag this up for you.
    Congratulations on your star letter - and welcome to Talkback.

  • Congratulations, Pebble!
  • Hi Pebble, sorry for the delay. Please could you whisper to me your name and postcode and I'll see what's happened.
  • OOh.

    What a quick response.

    New staff on the block?
  • No - he just got up when the alarm went off.
  • Lizy, if I had an alarm for every time there was something needed my attention in Talkback, I'd be a very tired man! No, hang on... I'd be a more tired man! Especially with all those Antipodeans.
  • Webbo, close the blinds, lock the door, unplug the phone, lie back in your chair, and have 40 zzzzs. You sound frazzled. We won't tell.
    Pebble, congratulations, and welcome to the gentle, peaceful, genteel place that is Talkback.
    (I lied.)
  • [quote=Mrs Bear]Pebble, congratulations, and welcome to the gentle, peaceful, genteel place that is Talkback.
    (I lied.)[/quote]

    About Pebble being welcome?
  • Well done on your Star Letter, Pebble and welcome to TB.

    It sounds like your prize is now winging its way to you . . . possibly on a sledge pulled by huskies.
  • edited January 2013
    Welcome, Pebble, and congratulations on your letter. The only time I had a letter printed in WM, it was attributed to someone else, but I wont embarrass Webbo by mentioning THAT.

    As regards your prize, I shouldn't hold your breath. If it's been stored in Webbo's Cupboard, well, there's been a load of the less desirable element of TB rummaging in there of late. It could be anywhere now. If you check the threads you'll see. Be prepared to sue.
  • Welcome, Pebble, and congratulations on the letter. Hope the Yearbook comes in handy when it arrives!
  • I think I've whispered my comments. Webbo, can you see them? Can anyone else see them?
  • No, you're alright, Pebble - we can't see your whisper. :)
  • Thanks Claudia. Just need to wait for Webbo to get back to me and for my book in the post.
  • On its way to you now Pebble - sorry you've had to wait.
  • Thank you Webbo!
  • Hey Pebble! Welcome! I'd love to stop and chat, Pebble, but I must dash.
  • Welcome, Pebble!
  • [quote=pbw]I'd love to stop and chat, Pebble, but I must dash.[/quote] That's so dreadful, pbw that I feel forced to give you a stoney stare.
  • I just gritted my teeth.
  • pbw's jokes are so awful lately, I don't get them till someone points them out. :D
  • Welcome, Pebble.

    *restores order*
  • That reminds me. Whatever happened to Mr Fish? We were on a real TB roll(mop) with all our fishy jokes.
  • Thank you Webbo, it arrived the other day, but I've been away with work, and only now have time to reply.

    As for my user name, I tried to choose my real name, but that was already in use, so I had to make something up.
  • So you got off to a rocky start when you joined the site?
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