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My book is FREE to download this weekend

edited February 2013 in - Reading
Making my novel Losing Lucy free to download for kindle for this weekend only - in the hope it might bring it a bit more attention. Please download and press the like button, even if you don't have the time or inclination to actually read it at the moment! Thanks folks.



  • Already have it to read but have put it on FB and Twitter.
  • Certainly will, Viv.
  • We've downloaded it to our kindle, Viv, and will review it when I've read it. Have ticked 'Like'.
  • Thank you all. I would love it to get into the top 100 kindle free books list, but not sure I can manage that in a weekend! Currently at number 2726 and rising. Please spread the word - it is a freebie after all, and no obligation to actually read it!
  • I keep Tweeting!
  • 1372 now, you never know.
  • At number 400 this morning!
  • I already have it and have read it Viv. Great story, for anyone who hasn't read it !
    Will post it on FB and Twitter.
    Good luck !
  • I downloaded it a while ago. It's on my reading list, but I have logged into fb and liked it. I'll review it when I've read it. It looks like a really good read.
  • Free promo ends in another 45 minutes. It got around 150 downloads on amazon.co.uk and a further 75 on amazon.com
    I am hoping that generates some reviews and some likes, even though it earns me absolutely no income!
    Failed to make the top 100. Highest point reached was number 377. Never mind - there's a lot of competition.
  • I think it got quite high at one point in one of the genre categories on .com. To get above 500 is good going, with the masses of (ever growing) competition. I read somewhere that Barnes and Noble have about 2million freebies and amazon about half that. Not sure about accuracy of figs; it would be interesting to know. You already have some great reviews, hopefully you'll get added word of mouth on the back of this. Let us know.
  • Yes, ana, amazon.com (the USA site) show placings by genre which amazon.co.uk do not. It reached number 17 in the family life category and 79 in womens fiction .com, although only number 4022 overall, and highest position of number 377 on .co.uk
    It got around 160 free downloads in the UK and around 76 on .com, plus one in Germany and one in Italy! Could have done better. I need to know more people, I think!
    Hoping for a few more reviews when people have had time to read it.
  • I put a comment on this on another thread, as I couldn't find this one: I left a review on Losing Lucy in my husband's name, as the Kindle is registered in his name. It was a five star review, Viv.
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