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WM newsletters

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Has anyone had one of these lately? I haven't seen one popping up in my inbox for months. Is there nothing to say any more? Or was it something I said?


  • I don't think I've ever had one.
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    I thought there was one quite recently. Or not.

    *scratches head*

    *edited to say: One undeleted in my inbox , 28 Feb.*
  • They came from Writers-Online, and the last one I saved was in June last year. I may have had some since and not saved them, I suppose, but don't remember.
  • I had one a couple of weeks ago.
  • It arrives in my email box every month.
  • Yes I had one the week before the latest paper issue came out.

    If you haven't been getting it, then let Webbo know.
  • [quote=Nefertari]I had one a couple of weeks ago.

    me too
  • [quote=JohnWho63]It arrives in my email box every month.

    Yes, Jonathan gives me one a month, too.
  • [quote=dora]Yes, Jonathan gives me one a month, too[/quote]

    And me!
  • *feels left out*

    Oh. I don't know.
  • [quote=Carol]If you haven't been getting it, then let Webbo know.[/quote] WEBBO!!!!!

    Please can I get the newsletters too?
  • [quote=Nefertari]I had one a couple of weeks ago. [/quote]

    Me too.

    You sign up for them somewhere on the site - can't remember exactly.
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    [quote=jangod]And me!

    "seethes yet smiles sweetly at jangod"

    Hmm. I thought Jonathan's once-a-month-slipping-it-into-my-letterbox was our little secret!
  • If you hadn't signed up for the newsletter, you can do so via the Writers Online section. PM... ;)

    If you have signed up for it, and not received it, then let Jonathan know.

    And of course always check your e-mail spam/junk folder just in case it went there.
  • I did sign up ages ago and after a while of not getting a newsletter I queried and was told there hadn't been one for a while but was assured my email was on the list. I never heard anything else and had assumed that the newsletters had been discontinued.

    Just tried to sign up again but I don't know my subscriber number.
  • Well if you signed up previously then best to e-mail Jonathan to check.

    For anyone who hasn't signed up to the e-newsletter, you have to tick the relevant box on the options when you're doing the sign up to writers online.

    Webbo did give the details on another thread last year...
  • [quote=dora]Hmm. I thought Jonathan's once-a-month-slipping-it-into-my-letterbox was our little secret[/quote]

    Nope - he's anybody's
  • [quote=dora]Hmm. I thought Jonathan's once-a-month-slipping-it-into-my-letterbox was our little secret! [/quote]


    [quote=jangod]Nope - he's anybody's [/quote]

    Double gosh.
  • I was all signed up and never un-signed. I may have to give Jonathan a poke in the nose.
    [quote=jangod]Nope - he's anybody's [/quote] Well, not mine, obviously. I think he's gone off me.
  • Hello, Jonathan, you seem like a nice boy.
  • They don't call him Telfer the Tart for nothing...
  • *doesn't think much of jangod's chances in WM comps*
  • Jangod!!!!

    SM, :)
  • [quote=snailmale]*doesn't think much of jangod's chances in WM comps*[/quote]

    No change there then
  • [quote=Carol]Jangod!!!![/quote]

  • [quote=jangod]What?[/quote]

    Cheeky comment. And I'm sure Mrs T would deny it... :)
  • Oh dear god, what is going on here?!
    Jangod, they haven't called me that since I stopped doing that thing with the baker's wife.
    Maro, yes, don't believe a word they're saying, I'm a very nice boy. But not quite as "friendly" as you probably now expect.

    You can see an example of the latest newsletter here: http://www.writers-online.co.uk/Features/Don't_miss_the_Writers_Online_e-newsletter/
    The last one went out on 28 Feb, the next one should be on 28 March.
    If you already have a Writers Online account, check you're signed up by going to any other page of the site (Talkback is on a separate system), eg: http://www.writers-online.co.uk/ then sign in at the very top of the coloured bar. Then go to "View account". When the page loads, you should see a column on the right with tickboxes for "e-newsletter registrations" - make sure some or all of those are ticked.
    If you haven't signed up yet, just go to the link above and register.

    If you expect to have received the newsletter, but haven't, make sure to add [email protected] to your contact list or safe senders list. There are some instructions for how to do that here: http://www.communicatorcorp.com/safesenders/index.aspx
    If all of that doesn't work and you still don't receive the next newsletter at the end of March, please let me know!
  • Ah, but what if I used to get them, and then didn't? You haven't answered that one, laddie!
    I'll go and see if anything has unsubscribed itself. Actually, the last communication I had from you (21/1/13) was that you had two records for me and had merged them into one account.
    Back soon...
  • Yup, I had the boxes ticked, so I've added a few more just to signal my presence. I will make a note in my diary to watch out for the next one.
    After that I'll have to write to my MP, hrrmph, hrrmph (although as my MP is French and I don't get to vote, it won't do me a lot of good).
  • [quote=Webbo]If you already have a Writers Online account, check you're signed up[/quote] Yes, I'm signed up. The email address listed is correct. The newsletters have not gone into SPAM.

    I've been signed up for more than a year and have never got the newsletters.
  • That's strange; I always get the newsletters.
  • Mrs B, PM, please whisper me the email addresses you're signed up with and I'll have them crosschecked with what's sent out to try to narrow it down
  • *checks watch*

  • Time for bed.
  • "searches room for Zebedee"
  • Where is everyone? *checks watch also* Oh! I seem to have forgotten to go to bed. *goes to bed*
  • [quote=Webbo]Jangod, they haven't called me that since I stopped doing that thing with the baker's wife.[/quote]

    Now, that's what I call interesting. I you feel the need to talk about it, I won't whisper a word. :D:
  • PM, Mrs B, anyone else who hasn't had one recently! We've checked your listing, and found nothing unusual - you are on our address list, so the email should be at least getting close to you.
    We're sending out the next WM newsletter tomorrow afternoon, so please let me know when it doesn't come! At the very least I'll forward it on to you straight away, and at best we'll have fresh data to explore.

    And if anyone is wondering why they should sign up for the newsletter: http://www.writers-online.co.uk/Features/Don't_miss_the_Writers_Online_e-newsletter/ [/gratuitousplug]
  • I can't find anything with my account number thingy on.
  • I'll be waiting...
  • I'm not sure about this. I never manage to read the magazines - will this just be something else I don't read?
  • [quote=Baggy Books]I never manage to read the magazines[/quote]

    Shh, Baggy.

    You'll upset you-know-who (rhymes with bebb... zebb... nebb... never mind).
  • I think you've got away with it.

    Webbo, you have gone, haven't you?

    *clutches desk in fear of Baggy's welfare*
  • I can't find my account thingy - I have my excuses ready.

    *read Writers' Forum before realising mistake*

    I must learn to focus.
  • edited March 2013
    Got away with it?! Good thing my wrath is away for repair - it's had a lot of people feeling it recently. (no further comment is needed on that!)
    BB, your excuses are thin. Your account number is whispered below!
  • *feels Webbo's warm breath as he whispers to me*


    It now says:

    Page Validation Error
    The email addresses entered do not
    Please enter the verify password
    The passwords entered do not match
  • My 'Writers' Online' has turned up OK, but I'm not a trouble-maker.
  • I've got my newsletter. I shall devour every word.
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