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Renewal form has arrived, really early!

edited April 2013 in - WM and WN
Now look, Jonathan: I have this morning had a letter from WM saying, 'I hope that you received my recent letter reminding you that your subscription is due for renewal.'
This comes as a surprise: no, I haven't - it's due in July; and this letter is dated September 2013.
I know you like to get ahead of yourselves in the publishing game, but this is a tad over-excited.
I just hope the same offer is viable when I do come to renew (which I promise I will).
Talk about wishing your life away...


  • Certainly an error of some kind - sorry Mrs B. We'll investigate
  • I have had renewal letters and emails over the ast year, some of which have been FOUR months ahead of time. Things like domain renewal. If you did renew when sent the mails, you'd be giving them money that should be in your account for ages yet.
  • Mrs B - Sorry for the error here. Your subscription is due to expire with the September issue, meaning you should have received a renewal letter, as you say, in July.
    We usually send reminders out two months before the final issue on their subscription to make sure readers have plenty of time to renew without missing any of their issues.

    Liz - I know you weren't really talking about us, but just in case it helps anyone else, we don't take any payments until after your current subs period has ended, so whether you reply to the first letter or the last, we don't take your money any earlier.
  • Thanks for this, Webbo. I'll slot this one in the diary for July, just to remind me.
    One other thing: the latest issue of WM was delayed here: the address was correct except for 'France False' on the last line. Whether this caused postal confusion, I don't know; but I really am in France, honest!
  • How strange - it displays correctly on our system, so not sure where the "False" can have come from, but will look out for it on next month's.
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