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Who's in June 2013's Writing Magazines?

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Who’s in June 2013's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until 3rd May so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.


  • Mine has just arrived.
  • Mine just popped through the letterbox - hurrah!
  • Mine too.
  • Blimey! Where's that month gone then? I don't expect mine for a few more days - we have a Bank Holiday tomorrow.
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    Just got back from field trip in Epping Forest to find mine had arrived... and that L.M. Towton (Loz and Me) is on page 42 of WM for the Under the Microscope section ... should be of some help with the redraft once we finish draft one..
  • Mine just dropped through the letter flap a moment ago.
  • [quote=Jediya]L.M. Towton (Loz and Me) is on page 42 of WM for the Under the Microscope section[/quote]

    I look forward to reading it. After Red Editing Pen, that's my favourite section.
  • Well done to you both, Jediya. :)
  • pbwpbw
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    [quote=Lou Treleaven]Mine just popped through the letterbox - hurrah![/quote]

    And mine.

    I see two of my ultra-fave writers are featured, James Herbert and Jodie Picoult, but I haven't looked at the mag yet.

    JUNE! Cripes...it can't be June already!
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    [quote=Onlinegenie]Jediya wrote: L.M. Towton (Loz and Me) is on page 42 of WM for the Under the Microscope section

    I look forward to reading it. After Red Editing Pen, that's my favourite section. [/quote]

    It's not that great tbh (the extract I mean) but then it's an extract of the prelude to our first book that we started a few years ago, put aside and then restarted properly last year. But, that said, we've never had anything of ours read and commented by someone so it's an experience in itself and as I say, some things to think about when we actually get to the redraft.
  • My first one ever just arrived..
  • *toots trumpet*
  • Double chuckles here. Just about to rip the plastic off mine when I noticed it was addressed to 'Missy' BBs.

    And then Missy pops up again, spouting off about stuff in a letter.
  • A great bit of spouting, I must say, Missy BB.
  • Mine arrived today. Not had a chance to really read it yet.
  • Mine arrived this morning and because I am suffering a terminal case of 'woman flu' I have had the luxury of reading quite a lot of it in one go. Usually I just about finish the mag before the next month's arrives!
    Nice to see some names that I recognise from TB with lots of encouraging words about their experiences. Thank you.
    I've just dragged out the lap top and I'm going to look up some of the sites mentioned that are asking for submissions etc, then I'm going to try some of the writing tips, then I'm going to have a go at the workshops (Red Editing and so on), then I'm going to start an entry for one of the competitions, then I'm going to rewrite some of my older MS using advice given, then I'm going to go through todays paper and pick up some ideas, then I'm going to make sure that I do my 500 words for today, then I might just get an entry in OWC 200 words, then I'm going to....oh dear I think it's time for another Lemsip and a lie down to read the rest of the mag.
    Aaaachooo, pass the tissues please.
  • Good going, guys. Speedy recovery, Victoria44.
  • James Herbert, one of my favourite authors.
    Will be sadly missed, I've just started re-reading his books, just finished The Rats, such a great descriptive writer..
  • Yes, his death was a very sad loss to the writing world.
  • Tipped off before I saw it myself that I'm on page WN14 with information about my recent plunge into the world of the eBook. My website address was missed off so, for anyone who wants it, here it is: www.maggiecobbett.co.uk
  • well done to Jediya, Loz, BB and Montholon!
  • Well done BB and Montholon.

    Good to see Talkbackers again this month.

    Haven't had time to do more than take a quick glance at it yet.
  • Well done Montholon, Jediya, Loz and BB!
  • Well done, all.

    Victoria, I need a lie down after reading about all your plans.

    Get well soon

    and please don't sneeze all over us :D
  • [quote=Nefertari]well done to Jediya, Loz, BB and Montholon! [/quote]

    Yes indeed, well done.
    Respect to Victoria for using her flu time as writing time! Will it be delirium-inspired?!
  • [quote=Lou Treleaven]Respect to Victoria for using her flu time as writing time! Will it be delirium-inspired?![/quote]

    That just depends which word comes up in May's OWC!!!!!
    My terminal flu has now settled on my chest so I sound like an old man on 60 a day! I think I need intravenous Lemsip and at least a bar of chocolate to help me get better. What do you think TBers?
    Just my luck to have a sickie when the weather is so nice and a bank holiday weekend coming up.
  • Has everyone received their copy- those who live in the UK that is? ;)
  • I've received mine.
  • edited May 2013
    [quote=Baggy Books]Double chuckles here. Just about to rip the plastic off mine when I noticed it was addressed to 'Missy' BBs[/quote]

    Hey Missy! Wasn't sure how that can have happened, since all the labels are automatically generated, but it looks like you've added Missy as your title on the View Account page (http://www.writers-online.co.uk/My/Profile/ )! We've changed it back in the system to Miss now (but really, I guess you could put anything you want there!). I shall hereafter be receiving mags addressed to Jedi Webbo.
  • Maybe I was in a Missy kinda mood?!
  • May change mine to Dame Lou Treleaven - just to save time later on in life!
  • Why have they stopped putting the short list for the poetry now? This is the second month it's happened. I didn't enter just curious as to why this has stopped?
  • Bit of an oversight in production Nefertari - they will return!
  • edited May 2013
    Still sitting under the post box, nose on paws, ears alert...
  • It's here! Let joy, and Bears, be unconfined!
  • I've got a piece in the June issue, along with two pictures of myself!
  • I've seen it, DeneBebbo, congratulations!
  • Congratulations, DeneBebbo, thought it was you.
  • Yes, me too. As soon as I read your comment about the 'None is/are' debate, I experienced a moment of deja vu.

    A well-written article, BB.
  • Mine arrived yesterday and to my horror I found last month's only half read under the phone shelf.
    that's what happens when you do the A-Z Challenge while mid-rewrite - something has to go!

    Well done to all the above-mentioned - I hope to get round to reading your contributions before Christmas.

    Get better soon Victoria44
  • Does WM pay by cheque, and do I need to invoice them? Just spoke to Jonathan on the phone about something else and forgot to ask about this.
  • Apparently one of my previous articles is mentioned in a Letter to the Editor?

    DB, yes, WM pay by cheque. And yes, from memory, I think I invoiced them.
  • I invoiced and they paid by bank transfer.

    I enjoyed your article, DeneBebbo!
  • They might have paid me by cheque because I'm overseas?
  • We usually pay by BACS, bank transfer or cheque, depending on where you are and what you request! (BACS is our preference.) Usually towards the end of the month (24th-32st) of publication.
    Dene - please do send me an invoice. Sorry I didn't enlighten you about this on acceptance!
  • *wonders if I should invoice Webbo to test the system*
  • Let's all send an invoice, just for fun! :D
  • An invoice for all this writing we are doing, keeping the forum open for WM, full of interesting info, writing advice and fun?

    Good idea. i'm certain I must have spent quite a lot of time here since I started.

    Let's call it £5,000, one for every year.
  • *thinks Baggy is very high class*
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