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Who's in WM/WN July 2013?

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Who’s in July 2013's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until 6th June so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.


  • Anyone had their post yet?
  • Just got them in the office. V pleased - I think this is a satisfying issue, hope you all agree!
  • Nothing today. It'll be my last postal copy this month, will have to buy when I can from here on in. :(
  • [quote=Webbo]I think this is a satisfying issue[/quote]

    *ears prick up*

    Oh? Satisfying in what way?
  • We wait with baited breath...:)
  • Most intriguing...!

    Nothing today; fingers crossed for tomorrow. I could do with my WM fix this stressful week!
  • I think I saw it on the shelf in Sainsbury's, but didn't peek inside.
  • What? They have it before us? cheek!
  • [quote=Webbo] V pleased - I think this is a satisfying issue, hope you all agree! [/quote]

    Woot! Can't wait. Any day now...
  • Satisfying? Like a big bar of chocolate?
  • Much better than chocolate! Stuffed and useful, I think. Extra 16 pages of self-publishing advice too.
    TN, don't think it's made it to Sainsbury's yet...only left our warehouse yesterday!
  • Sainsbury's do boast that their produce is always fresh!

  • [quote=Webbo]TN, don't think it's made it to Sainsbury's yet...only left our warehouse yesterday![/quote]


    Must have been last month's. It had a long-haired lady on the front. Didn't see the date. It was too high up on the shelf.

    Must remember to wear heels when I go shopping.
  • My copy has just arrived in the post...

    Webbo it looks a great issue- but I have writing to do first before I can start reading it. :)
  • [quote=Tiny Nell]Must remember to wear heels when I go shopping.[/quote]

    Or take a stepladder.
  • Mine's just arrived; haven't spotted anyone from TB yet.
  • Which comp results are in this month?
  • Mine's just arrived. Will have a quick look while having my snack lunch.
  • [quote=Tiny Nell]Must have been last month's. It [/quote]

    Yes it was, 'cos it's in Tesco.

    *sigh* had to buy WF instead seeing as WM wasn't there
  • Mine's just arrived.
  • [quote=Webbo]a satisfying issue[/quote]


    I don't think I've been quite this satisfied before. And I haven't even ripped it from its protective plastic cover.
  • Mine's here.

    Just had a quick flick through - which isn't nearly as satisfying as sitting down with it and languishing over it, slowly, I can tell you.
  • Got it - hurray. Wolfed down a couple of pages with lunch.
  • edited June 2013
    I've seen one TBer name
  • Got mine today - seems like a well-packed edition this month. Lovely to get it at the same time as everyone else!
  • Mine arrived today, but I haven't had a chance to turn round. I ripped the wrapper off it and I will look at it tomorrow.
  • Mine's here but still in the wrapper. Too busy with that bloomin' wall!!
  • Gosh, looks like we have a problem with none of you having time to take the wrapper off!
  • Been busy writing...;)

    I managed to read a few of the letters over breakfast this morning, and I intend to get back to it over lunchtime.:)
  • I'm still waiting for the postman. Never mind the chuffin' wrapper - seeing the thing arrive would be a start :D
  • I've had a quick flick through it, Webbo. Great issue. Lots of interesting stuff in there.
  • [quote=Mrs Bear]a well-packed edition [/quote]

    Is this what you mean by 'satisfying', Webbo?
  • I was shortlisted in the Pride & Prejudice short story competition!
  • I knew the second I wrote that, that Dora would pick up on it. I left it there anyway to take its chances.
  • Sally J how wonderful! Huge congratulations.
  • [quote=Mrs Bear]Dora would[/quote]
    I don't think it's wise to give her a capital 'D'. It might go to her head.
  • [quote=pbw]I don't think it's wise to give her a capital 'D'. It might go to her head.[/quote]

    dora has always been lower-case.

    Great stuff, sallyj
  • Congratulations, sally.

    Have had no time to look at it yet.
  • congratulations sallyj - mine hasn't arrived yet :(
  • Congratulations sallyj. :)
  • i saw that Sally well done!
  • Well done, sallyj!

    I've had a quick look at my copy - but not read it.
  • Congratulations, Sally!
  • [quote=snailmale]dora has always been lower-case.[/quote]

    Charmin innit!

    Congratulations, Sally.
  • [quote=dora]Charmin innit!

    But you know we love you.
  • I have just received my Writers Magazine and was totally gobsmacked (good cliche there) that the small (not miniature) piece of writing i had e mailed months ago was there, (thats a comma) on Page 58 - in 'Under the Microscope'. Was not expecting that! Hadnt had an acknowledgement that it had even been received and certainly no notification that I would be in the magazine. And its HORRIBLE. Totally ripped apart ..had to google Mr.MCCreet and must admit he is a bona fide author altho he writes victorian detective stories which is a million miles away from my stuff.He hated it ...probably three good words...I am so horrified its possible I might never write again! Anyone read it? What did you think? Is it really that bad?
    There is very little more to it ....i stalled about four pages in.
  • [quote=Gabrielle]And its HORRIBLE. Totally ripped apart ..[/quote]

    Tbh, I had noticed in a previous edition he had made one or two points which I thought were questionable as to whether he was merely stating what he preferred more than it was a general error writers made.

    Is it in this month's copy, Gabrielle?
  • edited June 2013
    [quote=Gabrielle].I am so horrified its possible I might never write again! ... Is it really that bad? [/quote]

    Perhaps you should ask Writing Mag if one of their tutors would give you a free critique as compensation? I'm not sure of Mr McCreet's qualifications when it comes to 'people skills' though I'd suggest one of their tutors may be better placed to discuss your work with you seeing as it has upset you so much.
  • have e mailed the editor really just to say that I think there should be notification that a piece will be in the magazine.
    That kind of criticism needs a forewarning!
  • Perhaps his style is the problem, Gabrielle.

    Not all writer have yet built up a hard skin to cope with a negative review- I know I was devastated when it happened to me elsewhere, yet the following year the same piece got a great response from a writer who was familiar with the genre I was writing in- I'd made no changes between the two occasions either...

    If another qualified person had read it and said the same thing, then you do have to consider that you are missing something that they can see.

    But please don't give up. (((Gabrielle)))
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