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My first interview...

edited June 2013 in - Writing Tales


  • Hurray for Dene.
  • Just reading it now, Dene. Good stuff :)
  • Brilliant...Damien Bloodhammer!
  • great interview, Dene - I was scared just reading the book blurb - "charnel streets" - love it!
  • Really enjoyed reading that, Dene. Well done.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]Brilliant...Damien Bloodhammer! [/quote]

    I have a friend who was going to write under the name Caleb McDeath and I'd write as Damien Bloodhammer. Luckily I got persuaded out of using that name when I attended a writing workshop.
  • Good interview.
  • Lovely interview DB. I've heard the Maldives is a good place to be.

    Don't forget the invitations to come and visit.
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