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Tsunami of good luck

edited July 2013 in - Writing Tales
I've had a weekend of good news (writing-wise) - giving a live reading, winning a flash fiction competition, my ebook finally out and my first submitted piece (@700 words) accepted by 'Running out of ink'.

If you have the time and want a laugh, please have a read at:


I also recommend Michael C Keith's piece too


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    That's very impressive. I will read it later.

    A live reading? I'd be far too nervous to do that.
  • That's all wonderful news, Mike. Well done.[quote=jangod]A live reading? I'd be far too nervous to do that.[/quote]

    I still get nervous even though I've done it a couple of times now, but you know your work so it's not strange and you quickly relax and enjoy it.
  • Brilliant - long may it continue!
  • [quote=jangod]A live reading? I'd be far too nervous to do that.[/quote]

    I say 'live', I was a deathly shade of pale but I thought 'what the hell' and just launched into it.
  • I've just been asked to do one in October, I too am a little worried.
  • We'll done, you. Will have a look at the link later.
  • Really enjoyed that, Mike, and congratulations!
  • A good read mo, and not that far from the truth :) For some reason it brought to mind the way countries are run these days.

    Inventing - uninventing - re-inventing.
  • All brilliant!

    Well done, Mike!

    (I haven't read your story yet, but look forward to reading it tomorrow)
  • Clever story, Mike - it made me think and smile, which is a good combination.
    Well done on the other stuff too.
  • Nice one Mike, I'm glad that heavy metal survived!!
  • Good story, Mike.
  • Just read it and thought it was very good.
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