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Webbo, Remember the Subscription letter debacle?

edited September 2013 in - WM and WN
Webbo, lovely Webbo, why is it that I haven't had my WM yet? The one that starts my new subscription for the year, the October issue that everyone else has already had, that I paid for (according to my account) in February? Was it really so long ago? Here I am, not allowed to work, and I've got no WM to read. Beginning to sulk now.


  • Aww, Webbo, poor Mrs B.

    *strokes Mrs B's fluffty ear'oles*
  • It's Friday, MrsB...
  • Yes it's Friday, Carol and she still ain't gorra maaaag

    Poor Mrrs Bbbbbear
  • *gulps*

    Poor Mrs B.
  • I clicked report post for you, so Webbo will get the message when he next climbs out from under his desk. :)
  • Or when he's back from Friday lunch time at the pub?
  • Thank you, each and every one. My furry ears were wilting in a doleful fashion. I didn't renew in February - that's just what it said on the account. It's all very confused.
    *sits pawing plaintively at the letter box*
  • [quote=dora]Or when he's back from Friday lunch time at the pub? [/quote]

    I'll nip round the corner and get him...or join him :P
  • YOu're prolly still there with him now. :D
  • I wish...stuck at work :(
  • I think he's staying there until they kick him out after 'time' - Webbo, not boredrobotty person.
  • [quote=boredrobots]stuck at work [/quote]

    Oh dear. Did the automatic doors shut on you as you were trying to escape?
  • Still no sign of my WM. I'm going away on Thursday and it's not going to arrive in time...
  • ALL IS FORGIVEN - IT ARRIVED! (Still later than everyone else's though).
  • Hurrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaay yaaaaaaay yaaaay

    and one more for luck

  • Thank you, dora - my sentiments exactly!
  • Yay, glad it got there eventually Mrs B.
  • The pigeon's footprints were still on the cover, Webbo. I could put on my CSI baseball cap, and take prints, and track down that slothful pigeon; I could analyse the guano, and see what he had eaten and where, and so, slowly, work out where the devil he had been. It's a straight line from there to here, and he's deviated. A deviant, devious pigeon, that one. I hope he'll take the direct route next month. I will put decoy pigeons on the roof to lure him in. No more Mrs Nice Bear.
  • [quote=Webbo]Yay[/quote]

    That doesn't like our Webbo. I suspect Lauren's still holding him hostage in the stationery cupboard.
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