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This month's WM blooper

edited October 2013 in - WM and WN
Ad for eBook Versions, p19: offering expert conversions and all sorts of other good things, including proofing; in fact, 'Everything considered, about the things we can't offer you are Nectar points'.
Now, go away and try again.


  • LOL! I know - I spotted that and other things wrong with it. Wonder how much the advert cost them?
  • *scurries to newsagents for a gawp at pg 19*
  • edited October 2013
    And I've spotted more bloopers too, but am too polite to mention them. The thought of a bearded Webbo sobbing in a corner would be too much for a bear to bear.
  • *wonders when Webbo and team are gonna wake up and smell Baggy's coffee*
  • If the typos etc are in adverts then the fault is with the advertiser, not the magazine isn't it?
  • I would have thought, although I can't be sure because I don't place ads in mags, the advertiser should send a proof to the customer before going to print.

    Then the customer can either tell them to go ahead or to hold fire until corrections are made.
  • Yep, adverts will be accepted as given, unless they've done the artwork for the client - and even then they have the proof to sign off.

    I proofread a magazine and the only content I'm paid to check is the articles. When the final version is sent to me for a last look I always scan the adverts - just in case. I think it reflects on the magazine if there are typos in adverts and Joe Public probably thinks it's the magazine's fault.
  • It may be that the advert sections are prepared by someone else, who deals with that part.
  • Their number's in the magazine...no answer.
  • Oh dear. Not typed it in wrong have they?

  • edited October 2013

    It looks right - shall I try again?
  • <Sobs>

    Don't people care anymore?

    I remember a time when people cared about their work.

    <Sobs some more>
  • *sniffs*

    We care.
  • I don't give a sh*t
  • You don't give a shot? What kind of barman are you?

  • Shut. He meant shut. He's always closed.
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