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Who's in December 2013's Writing Magazines?



  • Hooray for Heather.

    And Hooray for Webbo and team, mistakes or no mistakes, for another brilliant issue.

    At least it proves thems what works at WM is 'ooman.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]Any thoughts on the book cover on page 40?[/quote]
    Officer several metres in front of the front line? Highly unlikely.
    Named twice? Not sure of the reason behind that but it is the actual cover. (+1 Design Points if you said "Should have had a drop shadow")

    Thanks all for the nice comments though. Glad you're enjoying it so far.
  • edited November 2013
    [quote=Baggy Books]Any thoughts on the book cover on page 40? [/quote]
    Author's name twice on the cover: incipient megalomania? So good they named him twice?

    Somewhat puzzled by an ad on WN30. 'Mr Knight's work may not make the earth move' - well, if he doesn't believe in it, why should anyone read it? Reverse psychology? Nope - doesn't work for me.
  • I read that too. Very strange.

    [quote=Webbo]Thanks all for the nice comments[/quote]

    Interesting issue, but not the magazine's finest hour.
  • Congratulations, Mrs Bear!
  • Well done heather and mrs bear!
  • congratulations, Heather!
  • Well done heather & Mrs Bear :D
  • edited November 2013
    Good heavens - I actually have a copy at the same time that everyone is talking about it. Must be a first.
    I've read Lou and Mrs Bear's articles so far... and after reading Lou's I'm not going to try to design a website yet - and I can definitely relate to Mrs Bear's experiences!! First question I was asked by my writing group when I had my very first article published was: how much did they pay you! :rolleyes:
    Well done, Heather.
    That's as far as I've got. :)
  • I was engrossed in this issue on my train journey to Bedford - about 75 minutes. Still haven't finished reading everything yet...
  • My January copy has just arrived!
  • Mine too, I sent a private thing to Carol to say!
  • Mine also!
  • Mine too!
  • Just got it. I recognise a few names!
  • My 4 page article is in - the one you all wanted on publishing through Createspace.
  • Ooh, I think I might be in Writer's News this month (Next month, I mean).
  • I'm meeting up with someone in a couple of weeks who's used CreateSpace to publish two books. I'm keen to hear her feedback.
  • I asked hubby to use CreateSpace to make my books real (like Pinocchio) instead of buying a Christmas present. He's from Yorkshire. How could he refuse?
  • The author I'm meeting has published two non-fiction books with lots of photos and charts. She admits to being a bit of a technophobic, so if she can do it there's hope for everyone else.
  • Sorry been out all day- off to do official post now.
  • All done, you can add your comments to the new thread. Thanks. :)
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