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Hi everyone!
Welcome back to Talkback. Apologies for the outage this week while the old system keeled over, but what a silver lining that cloud has brought.
I'm really pleased with the way this new forum feels - faster, slicker, and with much more functionality - and I hope you feel the same.
It might take some getting used to, but I don't think that will take too long. A few things have changed or gone, we're still working on getting the look right and a few other features have arrived, so get stuck in! And please bear with us a bit - there might be some creases to iron out, and definitely some design issues to fix.


  • looking very smart so far
  • Yes, thanks Heather! Found first glitch though! Adding a comment gives you an error report but DOES post your message. We're on it!
  • First glitch fixed.
  • And it won't let you save changes to your profile. (I'm not a man!)

    Is this helpful or would you rather be left to play on your own for a bit?
  • Thanks Heather I'll check on that too!
  • Actually it has saved it - it just didn't close the box and the little flashy bar at the bottom kept going.

    It all seems much faster, even with my outdated IE.
  • Do we still have WHISPER and THANKS?

    I miss the way threads were bright yellow when 'unread'.
    Get used to it I suppose.
  • Thanks is still there - next to the username above each post. Whispers not at the moment... there is a private messaging system instead. Still figuring out.

    Unread threads appear highlighted blue to me, while read ones are just white.
  • edited January 2014
    what about 'EDIT'? FOUND IT!

    Is there a quick way to the bottom of the thread/discussion?
  • Edit is there, next to the username - d'oh! You found it!

    Looks like unread thread colours aren't behaving. Investigating...
  • For now, you can send private messages by clicking on someone's user name.
  • Lots of smiley faces to choose from... :)
  • Baggytastic! :)
  • Bursts through door with bottle of champagne in hand, thinks this is the wrong room, apologises, slinks out. Drinks champagne. All of it.
  • Hi Webbo - my connection is slow, so it's going to take me a while to get into the new layout...
    Just one thing while you're 'tweaking' - could you return to showing the name of the person who has started the thread, please?
  • Oooh-er missus... this is bright and fun-looking. Exits left to play...
  • \:D/ Found the smileys!!
  • edited January 2014
    Did you give us italics, Webbo?

    Tried to edit to add smiley. Do they work in edits?
  • Good to have it back.

    Can't see an option to quote other posts.
  • edited January 2014
    'Can't see an option to quote other posts.'

    I suppose we have to copy, paste and add quote marks!
  • edited January 2014
    Just as well we had a chat about 'thank you' totals the other day - as they all seem to have gone. Or I'm too stupid to find them.
  • Our visit count starts now. I've had 0 visits. :-B
  • Thank you for let me know by email. I was a bit worry it might not have been you. Now I've drop by I can see what I've been missing out on. It looks great.
  • Wow, there's even a great picture of me too. Gosh, is that what they call a 'selfie' LOL
  • There's no hiding now, Paula! :D

    (I'm loving the smileys!)
  • Webbo, under 'Options' is a 'Dismiss' option. How does that work? :-/
  • If you click 'Activity' at the top you seem to see all the direct messages. Are they supposed to be private?
  • Oh, yes, Heather. It shows who said what to whom. :-S
  • Bizarre. I just sent one to you Heather. Did you receive it? That one isn't showing in the Activity window even though I was about to suggest it might only show your direct messages
  • Dismiss will hide a thread from your discussions list - it's still there for everyone else but you won't see it again.
    I'm not sure what happens if another comment then gets added to that thread. And I'm not sure how you re-enable any you've hidden.
  • I seem to have created that message to heather as a private conversation - looks like only me and she can see it. But, better than whispers, I can invite other people to it too... like you Nell!
  • Oh. It seems...strange...and good.

  • Has all our profile info been lost? That was useful - website links etc.


  • Secret message received and understood. Over and out, W.
  • Ha! It's telling me 'You sent you a message'.

  • 'Dismiss will hide a thread from your discussions list - it's still there for everyone else but you won't see it again.'

    The dismiss option only appears for the first three 'Announcement' threads, it seems, Webbo. That's a shame.
  • I got the messages in my inbox and I got little popups at the bottom of this page too - though not till after I'd replied.
  • I received an email me informing that TN has sent me a message - then a couple of minutes later I received an alert on me screen.
  • quote TN
    "The dismiss option only appears for the first three 'Announcement' threads, it seems, Webbo. That's a shame."
    Hadn't noticed, but I think that might actually be a positive - dismiss is one option that's bound to cause confusion soon.

    The Activity link is displaying messages which are posted on a user's wall (i.e. on their public profile, by clicking "Add comment"). To private message or – ooohh, steady now – hold a private conversation between multiple users, which isn't displayed publicly, click the link "Send xxx a message" in the text links at the left hand side. You can add extra people once the conversation's started.

    BB - looking to get profile info back. Not sure why the default would be for that to be removed.
  • :-t

    Get a wiggle on.
  • Have our 'whispered' conversations gone? I had some classic chats with MNs a few years ago and we often dip in to them.

  • Yes I've just come back to look for mine :(
  • I've just learned I don't like change.
  • Nor do I Neph. Give it a while - we won't be looking like this forever, promise!
  • Webbo, if I click on Activities I can see the private messages sent by everyone - AND what they say!
  • There are two ways to address people - think of it like Facebook - private messages and wall posts.
    The ones from PM to Bill were posted direct onto his wall on his public profile (i.e. "Add comment" when you click on someone's name). To start a private conversation thread, click the link "Send xxx a message" which is in the text on the left hand side of that same page.
  • OMG ! I've 53 talkback comments in my email box! I really really don't want that, I cant
    pick out the viagra adverts. What's going on?
  • I'm not a fan of change either, but the old TB wasn't the original version and we all survived. I'm sure with the help of alcohol and chocolate we will survive.
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