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help reqd re a web site

In March 14 W.mag there is a website listed on Tarja Moles research page. It's listed as http://writ.rs/PastValue
I'd really find this site useful but no matter what I do I can't get onto it. I've tried putting writers instead of writ.rs; put www instead of http Have put it on google and toolbar - no luck. Nearest I've got is something with Roy Davies name at Exteter Uni, but this webpage is not coming up either.
Is this the correct website address, or am I doing something wrong? Please help!
Many thanks


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    There's been issues with the address for that site in the past - November 2013 mag thread mentioned it.


    You need to scroll down - I posted a comment about it.
  • baggy books - thanks - but what does that mean?
  • If you click on the thread link in Baggy's post above (light blue web address), and then look down the individual entries, you'll find one from Webbo.

    It tells you how he got into it...
  • It means, I think, that when the address has been transcribed to the magazine, it isn't quite right. I've looked on the site and can't find anything that matches 'past value' - perhaps someone with the magazine can have a look? Mine's already been recycled.
  • I tried that, Carol - but in this case it didn't work. If someone could look in their magazine for the address, it would help.
  • It worked for me.

    Hold on, I'll go and copy the details and paste it here.
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    Is it this you need (from the November 2013 issue)?

    "Thank you, Wendy! And Baggy. But it does work for me - BB, did you use capitals? It does make a difference on shortened links like that. So http://writ.rs/WendysTL works but wendystl doesn't."
  • I'm finding this site really difficult to navigate. Carol, I found the comment by webbo, but PastValue is as written. Even tried to put the two words all in capitals.
    Baggy books, you say the e is -e Should I put e where the '.' is writ.rs?? Is it me being stupid? Probably!
  • I can't see anything on the site about past value.
  • thanks for that website. A bit useful, but not as useful as the one in Tarja Moles research article suggests. I'm not an economist! Perhaps it's time I gave up on this one.
  • boredrobots - nothing on this site about PastValue - I'm referring to T. Moles research page in WM March 2014.
  • I really wish I still had my copy. Sorry. Can't help.
  • That's where it takes me when I click on your link. Looks like all the links I can find that start writ.rs are shortened links. Someone has used a site to shrink the URL. So it looks like there may not be a main site to refer to, just lots of links that may or not be updated, or replaced as time goes by...and when two lovers woo, they still say, "I love you," on that you can rellllyyy. No matter what the future brings, as time goes byyyyy!!
  • Play it again...
  • You know that line was never in the movie, right? :P
  • As we know it's actually "Play it." :P
  • You know that line was never in the movie, right? :P
    Right. But isn't it strange that the incorrect, 'Play it again, Sam,' quote became so famous?

  • There are quite a few famous lines people can't help but quote that were never in the film.
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