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Not a writing comp - but pleased with this shortlisting

edited May 2014 in - Writing Tales
Although this is a photography competition - they said: The competition was about not only the photo but also the accompanying description, and so we ruled out some excellent – and often imaginative – photos on the basis that their descriptions weren’t so strong. - See more at: http://www.bradtguides.com/budapest-competition-shortlist#sthash.ZiTzc1gp.dpuf


Edited to add (for those who don't know about my prime passion) - mine is the shark pic. :)


  • Wow! I would have been shaking too much to hold the camera still. Well done, Miss Multi-Talented Claudia!
  • Excellent news and photo. Well done and good luck for the final result!

    Relieved it wasn't you running naked into the sea, too!

  • Relieved it wasn't you running naked into the sea, too!
    That's why I added the 'p.s.' on which one was mine! :O
  • Great photo, Claudia.
  • Well done.
  • Bold indeed, I think I'd borderline prefer to be in with the sharks than naked in the arctic ocean. Well done.
  • WOW!
  • You actually went looking for sharks? Sooner you than me! Well done on being shortlisted.
  • Oooh, Bradt, eh! Fabulous!
  • No, no you don't understand: they're pussy cats... really...
  • Ahem...pussy cats with three sharp rows of teeth on each jaw, thank you very much, Dangerwoman! :-S
  • There's a narrative picture if I ever saw one, Claudia.
    Can I get my brushes out, please :>
    All the very best with your entry.
  • Well, I didn't win, but it was nice to be shortlisted and win a guide book.
    Have to say I was slightly surprised with the chosen winning entry - it wasn't the one I would have picked, but there you are - it's all so subjective isn't it?
  • Small people, big shark, brave photographer! Shame you didn't win, but well done on the shortlisting.
  • A shortlisting is always something to be proud of, Claudia. There will be so many other entrants who will be green with envy right now ! (*) Enjoy the glory
  • That smile y was meant to be =:)
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