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Book Publisher Appears Wilfully in Public With His Pants Down

“A person who publishes a book appears wilfully in public with his pants down.” (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
That struck me as a rather odd statement from Edna St. Vincent Millay, an American lyrical poet, playwright and feminist. She received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, and was known for her activism and her many love affairs. She used the pseudonym Nancy Boyd for her prose work. Her fame goes back to 1912. Yet somehow I see her point of view when considering how many times I nearly threw away my memoir. It's well known that writing memoir and autobiography takes a great deal of guts just to be brutally honest with yourself. Being prepared to take the flak is a prerequisite if your life story is likely to offend or annoy people appearing in it. If it offends or annoys readers as well at least you've reached an audience!


  • Anyone who wilfully appears in public with his pants down is most likely a member of this forum.
  • Well, that's one way of getting to know you!
  • Hi Gerry, and welcome. It could be said that every author also appears in public with their pants down - we do lay ourselves bare when we put our work out there, fiction or otherwise.
    However, you may have stirred up a TB hornet's nest with that quote - it doesn't take much with this lot. Quick - behind the sofa with a pan on your head and a soggy dishmop to the fore!
  • Hello.
  • *Bites lips in restraint* Hello, Gerry.
  • Welcome!

    *pulls up pants*
  • Oh dear, I forgot to say hello. How remiss of me.

    Hello, Gerry
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    I like to think of publishing something more as going out wearing my lucky pants.

    I expect Edna means trousers though. Those Americans often say one thing and mean another.
  • Quite so, PM. Trousers indeed.
  • We say pants down here in Oz when referring to trousers, too.
    Welcome, Gerry.
  • Welcome to TB, Gerry.

    What an entrance!

    *pulls up braces*
  • I'm quite overcome by the warmth of your greetings.

    *smooths creases in pants*
  • What an entrance!
    I couldn't agree more. Very nice to meet you Gerry.

  • What an entrance!

    Is this a pseudonym? Rather saucy, what?

  • Never on a Sunday, Liz!
  • If that's an entrance,TN, I think I've just come in through the out door

    Pleased to meet you, Gerry

  • Hello Dora!

    Hello Gerry Pantlsless!
  • Hi Stan2! Fresh pants today.
  • Oh good!
  • Hi and welcome, Gerry. Looking forward to your 'interesting' contributions!
  • Claudia, I'll keep an eye open in case anything remotely interesting surfaces. Nice to meet you.
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