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Swanwick Poetry Win!

edited June 2014 in - Writing Tales
Just had an email to say I have won the poetry comp and I win a free week there, at the writing school.


  • That's brilliant, Nef. I hope you enjoy your break away. I'm taking a week away next month. In Dawlish. I 'm hoping to get writing done in my notepads, away from the familiar, but I'm really hoping the weather's nice. I don't want to be stuck in a caravan the whole 7 days!
  • Thanks Tristram. I always enjoy it there.
  • Fab news, Nefertari. Well done!
  • Well done. :)
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    Wonderful news Nef - and well deserved.
    It's also good to know someone who's actually won one of these 'free course' offers :)
  • Congratulations, how fabulous!
  • Brilliant! Very well done, Nefertari. <:-P
  • I like your hat, Nell.
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    Brilliant! Well done, Nef.

    where can we read it?
  • Congratulations, Nefertari.
  • Well done! That's a great prize.
  • You will be able to read it when it's pubished in Writing Magazine, not sure what issue, around September time I think.
  • Well done indeed, Nef. The icing on the cake after the nice morning we all had in Uxbridge. Look forward to reading it.
  • Again! Brilliant. You should be teaching it yourself!
  • Fantastic news! Many congratulations!
  • Brilliant! Well done, that's no small feat!
  • And it ain't the first time! I agree with Lou, Nef, you should think about teaching poetry yourself.
    Well done, sunshine, another notch on the totem pole of successes
  • Well done!
  • Brilliant!
  • Well done - as I always say, you're a star.
  • Just heard that I've come third in the same competition! I'll look forward to joining you on the front row of the Chairman's Welcome, Nefertari!
  • Oh wow that's great well done!
  • That's great too, montholon! What clever ladies!
  • Fantastic, montholon!

    What a clever bunch we are...

    (Yes, by association I am sharing in the glory of your success)
  • Congratulations Nef and Montholon. What stars we have on here. Brilliant successes.
  • Congratulations Nef and Montholon. Enjoy your week. Look forward to reading your successful entries.
  • Cracking news! And what a great prizes :D
  • Great news, Nef. So pleased for you!
  • Montholon too! :D Well done!
    What a talented bunch TBers are.
  • Oops! Missed montholon! Sorry montholon. Great stuff montholon!
  • well done, Montholon!
  • Congratulations to you both. Always exciting to hear some success stories.
  • Congratulations to both of you. I hope you enjoy your week there.
  • Congratulations, Montholon. Sure you'll both enjoy the week.
  • Many congratulations, Nef and Montholon! I've always liked the look of Swanwick. You'll have a great time.
  • I'll let Nefertari speak for herself, but I always have a great time at Swanwick. I've been a regular attender since 2006 and recommend it highly to writers of all levels of experience.
  • Excellent news, Montholon! Many congratulations!
  • Yes it is a great place. I've been there twice before and it's even better when you win your way there! :)
  • Sad to say I couldn't repeat my second place in 2006 for the children's story. Just heard I was only in the shortlist, so a failure this year. But you ladies have done us proud.
  • Thank you, toothlight. I'm sorry you're disappointed about the children's story competition, but please don't consider being on the shortlist as a failure. I think it's a definite achievement.
  • Indeed, Toothlight I agree with Montholon. Well done!
  • Congratulations, Toothlight. A near-miss, not a failure.
  • Toothlight, shortlisting is brilliant- well done.
  • I've posted my entry on my website blog and would welcome any comments, if possible on there as well as on here. You'll find it at www.maggiecobbett.co.uk
  • Just heard I was only in the shortlist, so a failure this year.
    *Only* in the shortlist - so a failure?? Hardly! I was chuffed to bits when I was longlisted in a prestigious competition quite recently.
    You are much too hard on yourself toothlight!
  • Well done to Nefertari and Montholon - excellent news! Two TBers in the same comp winners' list - is this a record?
    Toothlight, only in the shortlist? I know it feels like so near, so far, but actually you've done bloomin' well! So congratulations to you too.
  • Congrats to all three of you - what a talented lot we have on here!
  • Well done, toothlight. I count all shortlistings as successes.

    Here's a hooter for you to blow:
  • You are great folks, but you cannot put 'Shortlisted in Swanwick competition' in your writing CV, but I can (and do) put 'Third Place in Writing Village competition 2013.' Dr John Yeoman is a respected creative writing teacher, and gets entries from round the world. Our two prize winners CAN insert their success in a CV. This is why I only rate being a finalist a success
  • you cannot put 'Shortlisted in Swanwick competition' in your writing CV
    Why ever not?
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