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I won a competition!

edited January 2015 in - Writing Tales
Remember back when I was asking for advice on writing to a theme? Well if you didn't read that I entered a short story course run by a writing group and I've just got an email telling me I've won!
It was only the 2nd competition that I've entered in ages as I was trying to get back into writing and taking it seriously for the first time.
So happy!
The prize is a course in north Wales, no idea how I'll get there especially being alone in a strange place but I won and I could go (havn't heard what's happening with the prize just yet)
so happy



    I've been to a course in Shropshire on my own, in 2007, knew no-one, and now all those people are some of my dearest friends.
  • Fantastic! I'm sure that must be a huge boost to your confidence, Jen. Well done!
  • That's wonderful, congratulations.
  • Hooray for Jen!
    Go to the course - strangers are only friends you have yet to meet, and you'll have writing in common.
  • Thanks :)
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations, Jen!
  • well done - great news.
  • Congratulations!:)
    May we read it?
  • Well done Jen!

    Gird your loins and go! Other people will be just as nervous as you but it will be worth it.
  • Well done, Jen :)
  • Congrats! When I won Swanwick the first time I didn't know anyone. I soon made friends, like Ceka ( I introduced her to TB) and another, both of whom became very good friends and we are regularly in touch. Enjoy your prize!
  • Yay, Jen! Top of the World position goes to you!
  • Brilliant! Go on the course, it'll be an adventure!

    North Wales can be lovely.
  • Congratulations Jen!
  • Great stuff Jen!
  • Great news. Enjoy the course.
  • Big congratulations, Jen!
  • Good for you, Jen. Well done!
  • Congratulations, Jen, and enjoy your course. It might be the experience you've just been looking for (even if you didn't know it!)
  • Brilliant Jen!
  • Cleaver Girl, well done. Have a wonderful time.
  • Well done. That's fantastic. What a great prize
  • I don't know if I can get to the course, I don't drive and it's a 7 hour journey by public transport with a lot of changing so I'm not getting my hopes up
  • Oh no! Try, if you can. They could help you nail your dialogue and answer sooo many questions. I'm sure other writers would give their right arm to go... or maybe their left (depends which is more important).
  • Train bookings come out 6-9 months in advance, put those times on your calendar and keep trying, and book early, MUCH cheaper.

    I had to change three times to get to mine. And that was with an enormous case with all my meds and stuff and going somewhere I had no control over the food etc - actually I did become unconscious the first night with the stress of the journey although everyone lovely and luckily came round enough to drink glucose and got away with it.

    The trains in Wales are much nicer than the ones in England.
  • Plus - sometimes when you look up trains yourself you don't see the different ways you can go, or the one train that you can get all the way through - you can phone up and ask about that.
  • I agree with Liz, book as early as possible for good discounts!

    Also, check out about purchasing a railcard, It'll get you a third off; you usually pay about £30 for it, but it can save you money if the journey is an expensive one.
  • Getting there is part of the fun!

    I love travelling by train.

    Yes, do you have a railcard? I save tons with my three boys and me travelling on t'train.

    Don't lose your lovely prize, Jen
  • Do it if you can, Jen.

    Is it possible for you to ask if anyone else is going from your area, or somewhere on the route so you can share part of the journey with them?
  • To echo the above: try to make the course. Seven hours on a train sounds like an opportunity for writing time. All those changes could mean lots of different people to share the journey with, eavesdropping to absorb dialogue.
  • Well done on the win and go for the prize. You won it - you deserve it.
    Think of it as an adventure and enjoy it.
  • Did we ever find out what Jen decided?

    Jen? What did you do?
  • I haven't got the prize yet. I'm going to my second meeting with the writers' group who run the prize tomorrow-I've got free membership for a year I think.
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