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Radio play: The Minister’s Secret

edited February 2015 in - Writing Tales
Hello everyone,

You may remember that I while ago I said I was the assistant producer in a radio play. (If you can’t don’t worry this was last year.) I’m glad to say that the radio play is now ready for everyone to listen to. It’s called The Minister’s Secret it took a whole day to record and 60+ hours of editing. The writer and producer of the play tried to sell it but had no luck so we’re just putting it out there for everyone to see.

If I don’t get a move on I’ll be late for Uni (the building works at London Bridge is a nightmare) The play is twenty eight minutes long, I hope you enjoy.



  • Congratulations. I'll listen later when I've caught up, and my brain is functioning.
  • Sounds great STF.

    I'll have a listen later.
  • I keep dropping my internet connection, so I'll wait until it's woring properly to listen.

    It's great you've got it recorded - though I fully understand you'd have preferred to have it done by someone who'd paid for it.
  • How exciting. I'll certainly save that for later.
  • Well done, St Force. I'll bookmark this for when I have a proper internet connection. :)
  • Went to save it, decided to test it...

    Couldn't stop. It could have been a play on Radio 4.

    It's brilliant, totally brilliant.
  • Excellent, St Force. Who wrote it or was it a collaboration? Have you tried local radio stations?
  • Well done for getting it up there. Great stuff.
  • I'll pop back for a listen when I have a window of relaxation in my schedule.
  • Thanks. The producer tried pitching it to several radio stations including the BBC (he didn't name the other ones) but no luck. We really wanted to make money from this but apart from being fun to film it's a good calling card. It was also good experience helping with the edits, experiencing read through and practices, working with actors and editing.
  • It's excellent, St Force. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.
  • Just listened. Very well done. I enjoyed it!
  • Very impressive!
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