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  • Help! - this was supposed to appear in blog updates - can I move it?

  • Don't think you can move it. Just add it to the right place and hope nobody notices this.

    They will notice obviously, but I'm sure they'll all be too polite to mention it.
  • How VERY DARE YOU!!!!!!!

    Acksherly, it wouldn't have worried me at all...
  • Eeek - so I can't delete it!

    But won't I make it worse by posting it in t'other place as well?
  • But why are you worried? It doesn't matter where it is - no one will mind x
  • Well, because it's just a link to my blog, rather than a proper post, heather, when I discovered I couldn't delete it I panicked, as I thought it looked like a piece of spam or something!
  • But it's YOU! We know you.
    You're not spammy at all!
    Fret ye not, it's fine where it is.
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