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Cartoons about writing

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I've started a monthly cartoon newsletter about a writer called Debora and her escapades in the writing world. (Please subscribe at http://devyaniborade.blogspot.com/p/newsletter.html and show us some love!)
I wanted to know if there are other cartoons out there on writing/publishing. One I know of is Debbie Ridpath Ohi's fabulous series Will Write For Chocolate (I think it was previously called InkyGirl.) Anyone know of any other good ones?


  • Hi Debora, I think you'll find that you'll get a better response if you join in instead of just advertising your blog - it's not very polite.
  • Hi Claudia,

    I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to blatantly advertise. I don't use forums and discussion boards much, so I'm not sure what you mean by "join in". Please would you explain? Do you mean I should post a comment on another thread?

  • Claudia means this is a forum for writers, where we post and chat about writing (and other things) and support each other, and certainly advertise our wares - but only as part of the community. If you don't use this? forum and contribute, why should you be able to come and expect us to support you by looking at your page?
  • (But if you do join in you will find us very friendly, helpful, supportive, and fun.)
  • Ah, I see, Liz. Yes, I do understand that. I will try and join in whenever I can. Should I delete my post or edit it to remove my url?
  • Just join in! We'd love to have you.
  • edited October 2015
    No, don't delete it! I've signed up, it looks fun.
  • Ah, cheers! I hope to have something clever/useful/cool/wise to say soon! "I'll be back." :)
  • Hi again, Debora, the others have clarified my post - I hope you understand and will join in with this great little community of writers.
  • Hello Debora.
  • Hi Carol, and hi again everyone else. Please consider me suitably abashed about my not-so-subtle self-promo! But I'm determined to make good. I still would like to hear from people about which cartoons (on writing) they enjoy. I'm planning to subscribe to as many as I can and pick up some great tips.
  • (Baggy Books, yes, I can see your name on my contacts list, thanks so much for signing up! *claps hands with excitement* Did you like what you saw? Honest opinion, please. *stiffens jaw and squares shoulders* I can take it.)
  • Hello, Debora, and welcome.

    I am in awe of anyone that can draw.
  • Hi Tiny! Thank you all for making me welcome. I'm in awe of anyone who can draw, too, so that makes two of us! :)
  • I have my own cartoon of me... drawn by cartoonist and poet Chris White:

    THE Liz cartoon purple trans
  • (Oh, me and Lola, my assistance dog - I have changed it a bit, when he drew it I had green specs, so when my specs changed to purple I changed the cartoon. )
  • Liz, I love it! It kinds gives me a sense of what you're like. I'm off to check out Chris White's work.
  • You have purple hair, Liz? :o

    (Hello, Debora! :D )
  • Hi Nena! (I'd love to have purple hair... for a day!) Chris White's been all over the world! :O
  • Wish I did, Nena! You know I don't though - mind you, now it's going grey I guess I could... I wouldn't mind for a while. But it is more fun in a cartoon, than brown.
  • You've inspired me to draw a cartoon of myself - just hair and feet really.
  • Wayne Pollard's "Bo's Cafe Life" https://boscafelife.wordpress.com/
    Absolutely completely my cup of coffee!
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