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We'll help sell your book

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No, not spam!

If you subscribe to WM and would like us to help sell your book, you can feature in our special new section of the Bookshop, where we'll provide a blurb, cover and link to your book for sale. We'll be adding the first to feature later today.


  • 'Nominate' - how are they chosen?
  • We just needed to reserve the right not to list certain books. Surely we won't have many questionable topics (certainly not from you lovely lot) but there's always one...
  • Oooh! Oooh!

    Is there a limit to how many books we can offer to you, Webbo?
  • I am busy making Webbo and Lauren a cake...
  • edited March 2016
    Well looky here: https://www.writers-online.co.uk/reviews/subscribers-showcase/

    We hadn't really considered that, Nell. Think we'd have to limit it to one but what we could do is link to your author page instead of a single title
  • Ah, that would be nice...
  • Oh, no! And I've just given up my wotsit! Actually, we're not sure we have as we couldn't find it on our direct debit list at all.
  • Ah. I saw this and rushed of excitedly to email all my info. Have now seen it's only one book each.

    Sorry for the over enthusiasm.
  • Doh!

    *spits in tea*
  • Have sent in my info. Exciting!
  • Please could someone clarify how and where to send the info? Is there a form to fill in? I've just checked my direct debits and know that my subscription is up to date.
  • Click the link on Webbo's first post.
  • I did and it just says 'send' Maybe I'm missing the obvious?
  • After that 'send' the blue 'by email' is a link. Maybe I'll alter that copy slightly.

    Next batch going up shortly!
  • Thanks, Webbo. I'll get onto it asap.
  • Is the clock on these messages wrong or are montholon and webbo in the future? Or have the clocks changed?
  • Now they have gone back an hour - all is normal again - phew!
  • For some reason the server seems to think we're in the US. Their clocks went forward yesterday
  • Lou, yours is up now. Feel free to send more words!
  • Nell, I've amended your entry so the link points to your Amazon author page rather than the single title.
  • Sent off the information and hoping that it's what is required. Lou, as I write, it's 11.36 here in North Yorkshire.
  • Nell, I've amended your entry so the link points to your Amazon author page rather than the single title.
    Thank you, Webbo. That's very kind of you.

  • Thanks for this. I've added mine
  • Thank you Webbo! And the time slip has been rectified!
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