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Do Writers online contact you if you've been shortlisted?

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I chocked on my porridge this morning when a Rob Kennedy from Edinburgh had been shortlisted for the Short Story Competition.

Now, there may well be another Rob Kennedy in Edinburgh who has entered the same competition and is chauffed to bits - as I am - but I suspect (and hope) not.

Do they not drop you an e-mail to inform you of the good news, or is the magazine the only source? If it's the latter, then best of luck Donald MacDonald from the Outer Hebrides making sense of that.


  • Hi, HP,
    No, they don't contact those in the shortlist, only the winner so that they can request a photo and bio.

    So, congratulations! Woohoo!
  • No, short listings are a nice surprise.
  • Thanks very much for your response. It was a complete and utter surprise!
  • Congratulations to you or your namesake (but probably you)!
  • Well done, oh short-listed one! You're allowed to wear the silly grin for a few days - then you have to write something else. Don't stop now!
  • Well done, HP - I was shortlisted once in Writing Magazine and they didn't contact me, so I believe other magazines would be the same.
    When I won - only once! - I got a letter and a cheque!
  • Congratulations HP. :)
  • Thanks, everyone, it was so unexpected and odd seeing my name there. I honestly had to do a quadruple-take, and I still couldn't believe it.
  • Congratulations, HighlandPomp!
  • Congratulations!
  • Thanks Claudia and Phots Moll.
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