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Social media. What to 'reveal' there?

edited June 2016 in Writing
Thinking through my need to 'circulate' on my social media sites, to try and gain followers, now wondering how much I should reveal on there..

An avid feminist, I am aware that if I entangle the two threads, my personal and business accounts, this might deter some from reaching out to my ideas.

So, looking at tweets etc, there are obviously lots of females affected by sexist behaviour etc, and quite a few males, who are sympathetic to these females causes.

Thus, if I moderate my views on these social media, would such types find my ideas interested enough to want to hear more and buy my books on these topics, which might be of some note to decent minded males, too. Fearful of losing possible sales..


  • If you take Twitter you need to remember that there are a lot of jerks out there.
  • That applies to all social media.

    I suggest you try it and see how it goes. You can always delete the accounts.
  • Strong views get more reaction. It won't always be pleasant, but it's all publicity.

    Don't express opinions which aren't genuine though, or anything which might cause huge trouble later.

    Will your books appeal to the kind of people who'd disagree with your views? My guess is that they wouldn't (I imagine an avid feminist is unlikely to write sexist stories) so you only risk 'losing' those who wouldn't have been potential customers anyway.
  • btw, I mostly tweet pictures of pretty flowers.
  • My daughter's actively feminist but seems to get by without any problems on Twitter, but her tweets are mainly to do with work which is about sustainability and green matters and suspect she can't really be too upfront when she is representing her industry in general and firm in particular.
  • So long as your views are justifiable I wouldn't moderate them. Views can be both strong and reasonable. People might be put off by rants and bigotry, but also by tepidness and lack of conviction.
  • That's probably the best advise, Baggy Books. Give it ago to see what happens. I'm right at the beginning of my attempts to promote myself, so this should allow me some leverage and, I guess, no matter who you are, or what you believe in, if you are selling something, you have to experiment to see what happens first..

    No, my stories would not appeal to sexists, nor those who get thrills through titilation. That's not my style, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't touch upon those type of topics, to bleed the poison from such toxic exchanges..

    When I read tweets and suchlike, it seems there are an awful lot of females out there, having to face that type of behaviour, and, not being young, but picking up on some of the stuff being related to females, including mature ones, who might be confused by some sort of emotional and mental anguish in their lives, well, I feel like I want to be part of the crusade against this onslaught of 'taking an axe' to any(superficial) gains women might have won over the previous decades.

    I think it was Ghandi who replied, when asked, about What he thought of 'Western Civilastion', 'Yes, that would be a good idea...'. Sort of expresses it all that.. Dumbfounded..
  • That's so true. Tepidness and timidity really freezes my blood. Someone with clear convictions and a conscience, with personality, to convey this, is much preferable than inauthentic types...
  • I'm inclined to retweet Ghandi.
  • Feel free!
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