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Goodread's or Wattpad?

Seeking your considerable knowledge on this one. Am still trying to work out where to pitch my time and effort for attempting to promote my ebook, starting for now, before it is completed in about 3 months time.

Went on Goodread's website yesterday, and although it is really interesting and fascinating on there, the size and scale of the topics broached, I simply don't have the experience to compete with any of these 'Big Fish(to me)', not a lot of experiences and accompanying knowledge to share with them, to interest them in my little tale and life...(also clashing with most with my extreme leftist political views...).

Thus, wondering if I should go in the direction of Wattpad, where they seem 'at my level' in understandings on life etc? There seems to be a drawback on that too, as my writing appears to be more much more 'developed' than those I have read on there, so again wondering if that would be appropriate for those readers etc on Wattpad? Just who and where to aim my promotion to and at...? Any ideas...?


  • You don't have to limit yourself to promoting in just one area, Lydia. Once you have a post written, you can copy and paste it almost everywhere.

    Goodreads is huge, yes, which is why to start with you need to whittle it down to a few groups that you can join. You will then get updates from those groups. Just use the search facility to find some areas that you are interested in, 'political', for example, or 'short stories', or 'screenwriting'. Later, you can research other groups, like reviewers, etc.

    In almost every group there will be a welcome thread where you can introduce yourself, and often there are places to self-promote. Also, you will have a profile page where you can leave links, write a blog (if you wish), have your books on display, etc. You can also leave examples of writing.

    I don't know much about Wattpad. Isn't that a kind of 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' kind of affair? There was a similar website that I used to belong to - it's since shut down - and I found it a pain. People would read my stuff then ask me to read theirs. There was quite a range of skill on that website...

    If you are merely looking for feedback, you can just ask on Goodreads. You can leave excerpts, or offer a free story, etc.

    There's also 'Meet our authors' on Amazon U.K. and U.S. They will give feedback, but prepare for the brutal truth:
    http://www.amazon.co.uk/forum/meet our authors/ref=cm_cd_f_h_dp_t?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx3ETKKJQSTRPGM&cdAnchor=meet our authors

    http://www.amazon.com/forum/meet our authors/ref=cm_cd_t_mdb_f?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx2UYC1FC06SU8S

    If you already have an ebook written there is also The Book Bazaar:

  • I'll check out those links. Thanks. The thing is, though, I feel totally overwhelmed by the wealth of their knowledge, the people on Goodread's, and on Wattpad, they seem to be of the opposite. Not quite as wide ranging. While I need something in between, where I can learn and progress, but not feel totally awashed by everyone else's experiences.

    I like it on here, this forum, because there are certain threads where I don't feel so intimidated, and feel I can join in, even though I can see you are all at a 'higher' level in society than me, and most of you come from a background I can only dream about, looking back to my infancy.

    I am so hungry for success, lack of recognition when young, I suspect, that I am prepared to try and adapt anywhere to 'bring it about..'. Just not sure where to go, or how to approach these sites, behave on them to attract some followers to my profile, for potential sales, as well as recognition of my writing capacity...? I mean, how do you lure people who are more advanced than you to accept your brand of creativity, or adapt yourself to attract those from similar backgrounds, who don't know you, and are being lured by other writers more experienced than yourself.. That's my conundrum..
  • Decide who your reader is. Write for them. If you don't know who that is, then you need to re-think your projects.
  • I can see I have a certain amount of talent and flair for storytelling that would meet with certain sections of readers, but just how and where to find them? Stumped?

    Have developed my writing, 'found my voice', I believe, just need to work out some stradegy to lure people to my social network, and that's where I fall down because I am entirely untrained and ill-disciplined.

    Have learnt that it is not wise to be too honest, and that being too political and radical, might not put off certain readers, but if you want to participate with the 'Big Fish', referring to the film scripts I am drafting related to my book ideas, too, where big money can be made, as well as reputation, then you have to learn to 'play the game' and tone in your extremeness. Been having difficulties doing that, and that is what I need to do if I am to make any real headway, methinks..
  • Tiny Nell, checked out those links, especially the one for kboard, and feel this one, in particular could prove very useful. Having break for now, but will seek that website out later, for investigating. The other two seem to be for advertising books, which will be great when I eventually get mine completed..

  • Have learnt that it is not wise to be too honest, and that being too political and radical, might not put off certain readers, but if you want to participate with the 'Big Fish', referring to the film scripts I am drafting related to my book ideas, too, where big money can be made, as well as reputation, then you have to learn to 'play the game' and tone in your extremeness.
    You need to get a book published before drafting film scripts form it. You have no chance in the film industry, especially if you by your own admission are not up there with the big boys in talent or experience. Fabulous scripts get turned down every day.

    Extreme views and violence and sexual content are filmed all the time - it's what the industry wants and needs to make money. Drama sells.

    re your writing, what makes you think you have to tone down your beliefs? Has someone said something about them? Your writing is unlikely to be exciting or honest if you are reigning it in. Having something to say is at the very centre of any book or film or story.

  • Actually, I do believe I have the talent to succeed, but also know there are no guarantees in life, talent or no... I'm also aware that the film industry is crying out for good scripts, and with a bit of luck, who knows? Only one way to find that out and that is by being adventurous. Four more weeks or so, both my scripts shall be ready, hopefully, so I shall be sending them out to agents. Probably won't succeed, but you never know. Talent can take you far and if they smell money coming off it, it just might swing it for me.

    And I was referring to my own political views on my blog posts, tweets etc. Am aware that as a radical feminist, especially, that doesn't sit well in a male dominant society/industry, and if I am putting out tweets etc suggesting that men are 'less than perfect', understatement, terrifically so, then this would not sit well with those in that industry, when they check out my social media sites.

    I certainly have no intention of tone down my scripts and book content. Drama is my skill. I studied film writing technique with a former Hollywood screenwriter, and he taught me, along with that, the idea of POGS. in every scene. There must be a protagonist, opposition, goal, with the stakes raised,every time. Thus, you get drama and conflict, which is much needed in telling a tale and keeping the interest of the reader, cinema user.

    So, four weeks time or so, I'll start putting out the feelers for agents. It can not be said for sure, that I don't stand a cat's hope in hell, until I give it ago. Then, at least,the agents might take note of my talent and skill at story telling, and if not this time, perhaps next. That's life being unfolded. Endless possibilities waiting to be picked up on... Go for it, then girl... Tries try, doers do, they advise you..
  • Does anyone buy an already written script? I always thought it was the idea, the plot, that was bought – either in concept or from an already published book. Surely the script has to be written for the end product and that's very much a director's call – their take on how it will be best performed. The production team bring together the talent to make the project viable. Unless you're writing a play (another skill), I'm not sure what the script-writing is about.
  • Well, good luck with it. If you've got that level of talent and skill, then it will be picked up out of all the competition out there.
  • Feminism is not to do with saying men are not perfect, or denigrating them in any way. They are as much a product of our society as we are. you won't make any friends certainly if that is what your tweets are like. Feminism is practised and believed in by plenty of men as well as women.

    You can stand up for your beliefs without making enemies, my daughter is a staunch feminist and has no problems at all.
  • There are lots of developments for a script, even if contracted. Other writers may be bought in to add there particular twist on things, especially if it is an American studio and the script is for the American market. That happens to,most scripts. What they would be buying is the idea, if they feel it has potential to sell. It is a buyer's market, if they can adapt the original tale into a money spinning idea. Big bucks are paid for that.

    I read that the film 'Walkabout' with Jenny Agutter, a brilliant sparse tale, only had 14 pages as most of it was spent in the outback of Australia just walking about expressing aborigine life.. Anything goes if there's money to be made. Who's going to turn up their nose of a money spinner...? Chance to make millions for their studio? No thank you???
  • I envy you your confidence, Lydia.
  • Thanks for your kind sentiments, Tiny Nell. Very grateful for those words...

    Bit more radical than your daughter, there, Liz, which is fine in a democracy. Different strokes for different folks. It also depends on your experiences in life, and how that has impacted upon you, doesn't it. If you've had a troubling 'relationship' with males, they are not going to be looked on very respectfully, are they. But if you want to make it in life, just like a lot of women, you have to cover up your true nature and opinions, so that is what I will be attempting to do. Master stradegy for life, don't you think...

    I do have confidence and belief in myself, that's true, snailmale, but it still doesn't mean I'll succeed. But, yes, determination and perseverance IS half the battle. Long way ahead yet. Dip head and keep going onwards, I tell myself..
  • If you've had a troubling 'relationship' with males, they are not going to be looked on very respectfully, are they.
    I think painting an entire sex with one brush is incredibly narrow-minded - there are plenty of women who bully, rape and are incredibly unpleasant.

    I think you should take each person as they come.
    But if you want to make it in life, just like a lot of women, you have to cover up your true nature and opinions, so that is what I will be attempting to do.
    Just exactly what are your true nature and opinions?

  • Actually, Liz, those are quite reasonable assertions, and I do take them on board. But just to illustrate things, I have just got back from a cab journey, and made a simple request of the cabbie to step back, after he had opened my door, politely expressed to him, that he just simply step back to allow me space to get out of the cab. He became quite argumentative and hostile and refused to do this, which stressed me, as usual. It is this drip drip effect that destroys any moments I have where I think that yes, there are decent men around who find such childish behaviour reprehensible and damaging to relations between the sexes. So thank you for putting that balanced view up on here.

    Having said that, I am a radical thinker when it comes to society, and as you have pointed out here, there are lots of males who do respect women and don't wish them any harm, and also would welcome a direction away from the hyper masculinity that is going on out there as illustrated by things like computer games and their derogatory images of women and young girls. So, yep, I appreciate what you have written. It is the type of dialogue I am trying to have with my nephew to bring him along to a healthier perspective on life and women.. Society does need to have that conversation and it is something I wish to explore in my writing, positively, on both angles...
  • Chill, Lydia.
  • Yeah, that's my problem, snailmale, keeping calm. I have a fiery temperate that gets aroused regularly so quite literally stressed out 24/7. Trying to keep a perspective, and handle on things. Not easy here where I live.. But good advice, you're right..
  • Actually, I do believe I have the talent to succeed, but also know there are no guarantees in life, talent or no... I'm also aware that the film industry is crying out for good scripts, and with a bit of luck, who knows?

    So, four weeks time or so, I'll start putting out the feelers for agents.
    Is this a script from the draft you put up on your blog? And you have two on the go that will be ready in four weeks?
  • I've been drafting these scripts for some time now, so have them written out, the entire plot. Just needs putting into proper structure and tweaked, and to adapt another version from the first one, by putting in new characters with a slightly different perspective. They are essentially the same sorry, told from a different view point, just to give two choices to select from if an agent should be interested..
  • You didn't answer my first question.
  • These scripts are two different versions of the eboojs story. One a straight version with male main character. The other a lesbian one with a lesbian lead. Should an agent prove intereated they'll have two scripts to select from...

    Also, been thinking that the pared down, simpler version of my ebook, for those who can't grapple more complicated storylunes, can be drafted from the two film scripts woth mainly dialogue to it. That way, soon, i'll have two scripts to offer put, and two versions of the same ebook, smiplfied down. Than there will be the main ebook with crossover potential to mainstream territory. So promising time ahead, hopefully...
  • Going by previous posts, you are now only a couple of weeks away from commencing Operation 'Be My Agent'. Lydia ?
  • Things have cropped up unexpectedly, so i am having to deal with that first before continuing on with my plans.

    Thinking of crowd funding to try and raise money for my for book covering and assessment of script etc. Does anyone know of a cheap evaluator of such scrips? That's going to be my immediate problem.

    Love to be your agent, snailmale,, but if i were you i'd wait and see what my sales are like first. You could be backing a dead horse!! You wouldn't really want that, would you.?! Keep pushing on. You may come up trumps!? Good luck to ya... !
  • Got my mobile here only and can't open this tab directly. Noted the link. Will try and check it out soon. Thanks for that BB.

  • Love to be your agent, snailmale,, but if i were you i'd wait and see what my sales are like first. You could be backing a dead horse!! You wouldn't really want that, would you.?! Keep pushing on. You may come up trumps!? Good luck to ya... !
    Think we might have a a misunderstanding here, Lydia, I was just enquiring about your progress, not soliciting your aid in marketing my 'works'.

    I know my place.

  • Don't worry snailmale. That's what makes drama in stories. Wires being crossed and the unexpected happening. Be a pretty boring film/book if everything run perfectly. As a Hollywood screenwriter informed me. Always the gap is needed. What people expect and what actually happens. There lies the drama.
  • Interesting link, BB. But personally exhausted just reading about the process. Think Lydia1960 would need to be somewhat more focused and slightly less scatterbrained than the impression she gives of herself on here. Nevertheless, I wish her well in possibly having a go. I know I'd fall at the first hurdle - even if I actually got there.
  • I think the personal insults could be left out, don't you? I don't really want to have to report someone for derogatory comments. And actually i have a very skilled and seasoned expert to aid me in my efforts. Until these tales are out there no one will actualy know what might happen . Let's juat leave it in the hands of thegods to see what happens next. In the meantime, do mind your offensive language towards me in particular, if you don't mind.
  • I don't think that was offensive - and he did wish you well!

    Crowdfunding is a very onerous process and takes a particular type of person - that was the point being made. I wouldn't consider it myself as I don't believe I have the skills to succeed in it. As you have help you may be better off than I would be. But you will certainly need a thick skin - as all writers do.
  • Exactly. Ed (the chappy mentioned in the link) did a phenomenal amount of work before he even considered CF. Subscribers could, for the relevant pledge, have items ranging from a bookmark to an invite to the book's launch (at Iceland's embassy in London). The book's marketed as a travel guide but it's much more than that.

    As with all matters writing, planning is essential.

    Ed's book was good; very good. He already had the support of people in Iceland.

    So, in short, CF can work, does work.

    But... I know of another author who tried the same tactic and raised a few quid in pledges. Why? Because the project had no pizzazz. Unless an author engages and brings something new to the table they will fail.

  • Hardly think being called scatterbrained could be termed derogatory.

    Plus of course you can't expect people to pledge without seeing some of the merchandise.

    I'd be wanting to know how many book has this person written, how long have they been writing (10 year minimum is the usual time it takes to get the expertise necessary to make a go of it) and also - i just can't see what 'I' would gain by funding someone else's book.

  • It is just an idea i am floating around at this moment. I know my funds are low so need to think of ways to either get things done on the cheap or somehow create a cashflow. Things are going to be difficult, come what may.

    I know i should for certain have two pared down versions of my original ebook tale completed soon. Based on my two film scripts versions, one with a male straight MC, the other with a lesbian lead. These two ebooks will be aimed at people who don't like or appreciate more complicated prose. Be mostly dialogue like the scripts with perhaps a bit extra plot added.

    I will need my hired expert on who, where and how to promote them to. Not even sure if it is wise to have three separate type of tales. Just wanted to reach as many readers as possible. Again, only time will tell.

    Does anyone know of a reasonably priced evaluator of scripts and, for that matter, if agents or publishers would accept three versions of the same tale told differently as well as the two scripts to consider too. Asking too much of them or might they even just consider the main story if told welll?
  • If something as mild as 'scatterbrained' insults and offends you, Lydia you might find the world of writing a harsh place.
  • Different strokes for different folks, Claudia. I'm sure that female politician who was put down by Cameron with the remarks 'calm down dear.... ' felt very offeneded by his sexist comments but that might be because she is a feminist and aware of just how important words are.

    Certain racist, sexist, disablist words etc are no longer acceptable in so called polite society because of the offence they give out to other human beings. Surely a more inclusive language is better than ones where derogatory terms are banded about? Make a great blog post that, methinks.
  • It depends partly on how many words people choose to be offended by or we could end up with no words being left to use. Some are well known as being trigger words that people would be aware were in that category and would usually only use on purpose to deliberately offend. I don't think you would find those on here! Otherwise it may depend on context or tone of voice which of course is not apparent on a forum. Generally I think many words could be taken as being offensive by some people and no I don't think we should stop using all of them as in the majority of cases the words themselves are innocent.
  • I've always regarded 'scatterbrained' as a term of affection rather than abuse. Indeed, some might take it as a compliment, the implication being that they have brains to scatter.

    I'm getting a whiff of Political Correctness here, that humorless late 20th century phenomenon to which I never subscribed, but which, in its purist form, has brought Meaning to the lives of the self-righteous and sanctimonious.
  • Going back to the original question, I have just come across a peer review site on Twitter called Taylz.com. Might be of use?
  • You all seem to be presenting a united front, no other dessenting voices, but i think you'll find the world has moved on and even beloved children's books from yesteryear have been uodated to reflect the reality of modern life, not that of the white supremisist of the imperial ages

    If you are in a previlege category, then sure, words seem harmless, but if you have been regularly insulted by such words they are highly poisonous,, toxic and offensive. Just thought i'd give you a bit of insight that is obviously lacking here.

    These are the type of things i shall address in future scripts and ebooks.. So thanks for confirming these faults. Well noted.. Especialy being the only radical leftie here it would seem. I think you'll find it's 'Freedom of Speech'in question here...
  • But it isn't offensive to say to a whole group of people you don't know that they are lacking in insight and that they are at fault for not agreeing with you?
    Oh well, just as well we're not sensitive on here.
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    No-one is questioning your right to express your opinion, Lydia, so you will understand that everyone else has the right to express theirs, however distasteful you find it.

    There is a varied cross section of writers on here, with a variety of backgrounds, interests and political beliefs, and to accuse them , as a group, to be lacking insight demonstrates a lack of insight on your part

    Try having a laugh now and then, the world becomes a better place. ~:>
  • Oh God! I feel a headache coming on. I don't know if you've actually read BBs link,Lydia, but even though I'm more Rome than Reykjavik and more piazza than glacier, the sheer amount of hard work Ed. Hancox put into getting his obsession with all things Icelandic published (hugely well reviewed by the way) is staggering.
    To me at least, You don't come across as having that sort of self discipline. Prove me wrong and I'll dance at your wedding, as my granny used to say.
    As for 'scatterbrained', read what Snailmail had to say earlier.To me too, the word will always have a slightly charming interpretation - intelligence requiring a bit of husbandry (sorry if that word upsets).

    As for updating etc. children's books, I see that there's talk now of changing Titty's name in Swallows and Amazons. I have a friend in her eighties who I still call Titty. She decided that I was Roger whereas in my heart of hearts I really wanted to be Susan.

    As I said earlier I wish you well in whatever you get up to. Indeed, would love to see a bit of your writing. Send a snatch to [email protected]

    With baited breath,

    Neil Fletcher,
    Liverpool UK
  • LizLiz
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    Hah. I am pretty left, Lydia. Very. And I would admit to being a feminist except that the most modern view is that anyone that doesn't think that women are equal is clearly the person who should be given a label, misogynist or whatever is appropriate. We don't need to say we are feminist, and in fact, the word does not just apply to women - but anyone now who believes in equality. So in a way it is a redundant term.

    I think the problem with forums is, if you don't know the people you can see offence where none is given or intended.

    A united front it appears to you - but have you ever thought that actually, you may just be wrong?

    As said above, we are a complete cross-section of society on here - race, class and gender. The fact that you can't tell the difference is because we don't treat anyone differently.
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    It's called irony, what i was using. Ask Alanis Morisette.

    As this debate could go on forever i think the sensible think is to back off and leave a door open.

    As they say. The proof is in the eating. So why don't we just wait and see what happens when my books go live. They could flop or fly off the shelves. Until then it is pure conjecture. 50 shades... Sold millions and was reported to have been badly written constructed. Anthing is possible then or just write another then another until succees arrives..

    As i read somewhere:- 'arrive yourself... Good advice so i persevere like the donket till it drops...
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    Posted twice so deleted one.
  • Lazy Bee Scripts do a good value script assessment - although they don't publish film scripts, only plays, they do assess them. I've used their services a couple of times and also have some work published by them and I've found them to be very good.
  • I'll look them up and check their credentials...
  • They only appear to do plays and pantomines....
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    Lydia, I've followed this thread as best I can but I've reached the end somewhat uncertain of what you are trying to achieve. You seem to be talking about two versions of more or less the same ebook (I'm not sure why you're calling it that, rather than a 'novel') with either a straight or gay protagonist, plus a simplified, dialogue-rich version of (each version of) the same story "aimed at people who don't like or appreciate more complicated prose", plus two film scripts based on the same books. That sounds to me like you have six projects on the go. Even though they are closely related I can't imagine you are doing justice to the individual projects by spreading yourself that thinly.

    The main thing that strikes me is that you don't give the impression you have finished any of these projects. Forgive me if I'm jumping to the wrong conclusion but do you mean you haven't actually reached the end of the first draft of any of them? If that's the case I'd respectfully suggest you rein in your enthusiasm for marketing/promoting the various works and concentrate on the long and difficult task of editing to a publishable standard whichever one of them you feel represents your best chance of success. I can't emphasise enough how important I feel it is to just focus on one of these projects for the moment, and make it the best you possibly can.

    You might like to look at Unbound - https://unbound.com - where you can pitch an idea for a book and potential readers are able to read your pitch, read samples, etc. and pledge if they like the sound of it. If a book attracts enough interest, it gets published. I think it's more geared towards printed books so if you plan to self-publish as an ebook it may not be the kind of thing you're looking for. But you could view it as a way of testing the market to see what kind of interest you might get. (I should probably say that I have no experience of Unbound, but it seems to work well for some people).
  • All these tales are almost complete. It's a simple case of experenting. What works, what doesn't. The hired expert is giving me advice and has some connection in this type of field. The only thing is the funding which will have to be done on the cheap. A drawback, perhaps. Lets wait and see, huh...?
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