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Help needed.

Hi everyone. I'm back! Been getting on with my film script. Still drafting that, but am still wishing to link up with like minded people. I need to change the images on my Facebook profile and page. Thought I'd see if I could request some help from someone here?

Also, you were absolutely right about that fiverr expert, which is why I am turning to you folks as you obviously know what you are talking about. The 'expert' did set up a tumblr account for me, and somehow has deactivated my Wordpress blog. Not sure how to get it back so I can use that for my blog posts. Can anyone help me on these matters? Can supply passwords etc if needing to...?


  • Forget the images! Fix the script.
    I think you will link with 'like minded people' no matter what images are presented on Facebook.

    Don't believe that Facebook will determine your destiny as a writer! Your product will!!
  • If you want to appeal to like minded people then just post up images and other things which appeal to you. Search out people who interest you and comment on their posts to start building up a relationship.

    Don't overthink it, just engage with people. As with real life you can't sit at home and draw people to you by magic, you need to reach out to them.
  • Am getting on with the script, believe me. Might need some advice on that once I have redrafted it. In the meantime, I really want an image of say a cat drinking from a saucer, something humorous for my profile, and an image of a pen, suggestive of creativity for my Facebook page. There's also my Wordpress that needs reactivating. Just thought I'd try here first. I can always hire someone to do these, but you've warned me to be cautious, so I thought I'd just enquire. Can anyone help?
  • If the WordPress blog was opened in that other persons name (even though it was for your work) then they can close it too. If you don't know that information then assume it is dead to you.

  • Rather than invest in buying images, consider getting a camera, phone, tablet or laptop which can take pictures. You'll be able to use lots more then and they'll be far more appropriate to you and other like minded people.
  • The fiverr expert set up tumblr and linked my Wordpress to it so that when I enter my Wordpress domain address it goes to the tumblr site now. You warned me here that tumblr wasn't a suitable site for posting blogs, so I want to unlink that from my wordpress one, but don't know how.

    Not buying images, downloading them off the internet. And due to disability cannot get out, so a camera is of no use to me...

  • Not buying images, downloading them off the internet.
    You have heard of copyright?

  • Agree, PM.

    There are sites that provide royalty free images, but you need to study their terms and conditions.

    You probably have to unlink the blog via the settings in tumblr. Try googling the question.
  • Yep, been told I will have to pay for those images. That's fine. Prepared for that.

    And, yep, good idea to Google that question. Will give that a bash. Thanks again..
  • Lydia,
    There is a good site for royalty-free images. It was actually a member of this forum who tipped me off about it some months ago. See:


    Quite simple to download, although you might have to crop or reduce for Facebook content.
  • Yes, pixabay! I use it all the time. Brilliant.

    Just typed in 'cat drinking', but only one page of results (including wild cats!):


    If you type in 'cat', you'll get loads of results...
  • The images are secondary to the writing. You need to focus on what your site is about - are you a writer or a sharer of images taken by others? There's nothing more annoying that realising that a piece of writing has no connection with the photo used to illustrate it.
  • Thanks for that link. I'll give it a look. Not sure blogging is where I need to be. If there is a demand for a left wing feminist working class lesbian and her views. Need to do some research on this and how to get followers who will engage on such topics. Might be better to use Facebook and twitter for that? And tumblr. What do people use that for? What people use it and why?
  • Tumblr is designed for images mainly. Popular with artists.
  • I know forums are all about support and camaraderie, but Lydia, you sure do confuse me (and possibly others) at times.

    I wonder if your views might be better received if you wrote as a left-wing feminist working class writer, in lieu of a 'left wing feminist working class lesbian'. Any necessary references to sexual orientation will be deduced from your writing, rather than define yourself upfront with the possible consequence of losing readership.

    Just a respectful offering.
  • Or even just write as Lydia? There's no need to hide any aspect of 'left wing feminist working class lesbian' or anything else which applies to you (unless you chose to). Neither is there any need for every post you make to reflect all those things.

    Just be you. If what you write is interesting, people will be interested, even if they're not left wing feminist working class lesbians.
  • I watched 'The Rewrite' last night. Quite an amusing film about an Oscar-winning screenwriter who falls on hard times and ends up teaching at an American university.
  • Aaaarrr. Why didn't you tell us about it BEFORE you watched it. Guess I should read the TV Guide more often. :((
  • Most things are available on watch again.
  • Aaaarrr. Why didn't you tell us about it BEFORE you watched it. Guess I should read the TV Guide more often. :((
    I didn't know about it BEFORE I watched it.

  • There's nothing more annoying that realising that a piece of writing has no connection with the photo used to illustrate it.
    Mine are always connected, but I have the feeling most of my blog readers don't realise that.
  • Well PM, you know the answer to that don't you? The politically abhorrent term of dumbing-down comes to mind.

    And therein lies a question: To what end must we go to appeal to an audience? Maintain our own ideals and standards, or compromise them to benefit a wider readership?

    Sure, there is a fine balance, but it's certainly an interesting conundrum!!
  • That's quite a good premise there. About whether you have to dilute your beliefs and words or even corrupt them in order to reach pout to a wider audience. I'm beginning to think that, yes, I do need to sacrifice some of principles in order to stand a chance of emulating those who have had success in their lives. Causes conflict and sorrow, the very idea. But agree, in the jungle that is cyberland, you have to bend and be flexible. So that's my intention..
  • edited December 2016
    Just some questions I can't finbfinbd answers too if someone can supply them for me.

    Can anyone suggest a tool or software that I can use to reduce my blog posts so that they can be linked onto my twitter account?

    Does anyone have the website address for Canvas, for creating images?

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could provide me with answers to these questions, please.
  • I don't find it annoying if a picture has no connection with a piece of writing accompanying it

    Doesn't bother me at all
  • My blogs automatically come up on Twitter. I think there is something to click in Settings to activate it.
  • Lydia, you should be able to link to the title of the blog post.

    On mine I have twitter and Facebook icons after the post, which would allow anyone to share them if they wished and I use these myself.

  • You have a list at the bottom of your blog posts for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just click on 'Twitter' and it opens up a tweet window with the link. You need to add something - a description.

  • Not quite sure what you mean by 'add a description?'. A description of what? In that post 'The Matriarch' what description would I need to add to that to make it more viewable?
  • Eg check out my new blog post etc - otherwise it's just a link and no one will click on it because they have no reason to.
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