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Backup security for Dropbox files.

Need a backup secuirty system for my Dropbox files. Can anyone recommend one? Cost being a factor? Have two computers. Would this need to be installed on both of them?

Also are there any anti malware that can be recommended too? Again, would this need to be installed on both computers(presumably for this one?).


  • You don't need back up for Drop Box, it's not stored on your computer it's all stored out in a cloud, in fact several clouds.
  • Checked that online and it seems accurate with deleted files being recoverable for up to a year with their extended version history.

    Just keep getting a lot of conflicting advice. I was informed that these Dropbox files needed backup in case a virus or malware was downloaded onto my computer, but from what I read, files are recoverable even should malware corrupt them. Have I read that right?
  • I think that's right, but don't use Dropbox myself.
  • Lydia,
    Save the hassle and just use a couple of USB memory sticks (Flash drives). Because most of our work is text-based, all the file sizes are small and will be easily accommodated.
  • Think of Dropbox as a window into another place. You can see your stuff through the window, but it isn't in your home, or computer. It's somewhere else. NO virus can affect it on your computer because IT ISN'T THERE.

    Who has told you this? I hope you ween't paying them, or they weren't expecting payment for you to be made 'safe' from a non-existent threat.

  • Saving files on your own computer is like keeping your money at home - which can range from stuffing it in your mattress or having a Doberman guarded safe in the basement. You can just dump it on your desktop with no protection or have virus software, passwords, backups, etc.

    Saving on the cloud is like putting your money in a bank - heavily secured, insured, guarded 24-7 by everything and everyone. They have amazing backups, and protective systems, and virus software, and there's only a one in a billion your info will be lost or nabbed.
  • (Dropbox, to be absolutely clear, is a cloud storage system and as safe as b-r mentions above.)
  • Dropbox has been known to have security breaches where people's accounts have been exposed on the net. I do like the idea of USB memory sticks. Do they backup files automatically and, if connected to the computer, could they be corrupted too by a virus etc or would it be best to connect the memory stick only when updating files?
  • Memory sticks ideally, should be inserted only for the backup or when copying files.
    Yes, they are subject to infection, but can be checked by a decent anti-virus program. AVG Free is 'said to be' one of the best.
    As many contributors have said: keep hard copies also!!
  • If I kept a hard copy of all my writing, I doubt I'd be able to get in my office.
  • Email it to yourself.
  • If I kept a hard copy of all my writing, I doubt I'd be able to get in my office.
    You won't get sympathy from me; you're earning so much that you could afford a four-square summer house!!

  • If I emailed all the important Dropbox files would they be entirely safe on there? Free from viruses or corruption? With my technophobia that would probably be better for me. More easily achieved... And yes. Hard copies are necessary.. And memory sticks.. Do have one that someone put onto my computer. Can't find where to access the files from this memory stick on my computer. Should it be an icon onscreen when the computer switches on...?
  • Nowhere is safe from viruses or corruption as no house is safe from thieves. Even Buckingham Palace and Fort Knox can be broken in to...just a bit harder than your average council house.
  • If I kept a hard copy of all my writing, I doubt I'd be able to get in my office.
    You won't get sympathy from me; you're earning so much that you could afford a four-square summer house!!

    How on earth do you know PM's personal circumstances?
  • Huh? I hope that question is as tongue-in-cheek as was my quip.
  • It didn't come aross as a quip, PET. It took me aback too.
  • Had my canon printer installed onto my laptop. Now a pop up keeps appearing on-screen when it is switched on. It's a small square box with the words, 'image system' on it and various pictures. How can this be permanently removed? This pop up didn't appear on my notebook where the printer was installed previously...
  • Remove the programme from your computer and reinstall the software, just be aware of what you are allowing onto your pc, read the permissions and only click the things you want.
    Hope this helps.
  • I use Dropbox as my backup system and find it a really easy way of knowing that my work is secure and accessible from either of our 2 home PCs as well as any other computer anywhere that has internet. If Dropbox did collapse there is still a copy on my PC and the chances of both going down must be slim. Any backup system has risks - a memory stick could develop a fault or be damaged or be destroyed in a house fire. Backups ideally need to be off-site.
  • I'll try reinstalling the printer to see if that works. And I think sending the important files by email to myself is a very good idea to be recommended. So I'll do that too.
  • Just wondering. Can you use a smartphone without an internet connection in your home? And also access dropbox files on there without having a laptop etc but having a pre-existing dropbox account?
  • You can access drop box from a phone, yep. But you will need internet connection to reach the files.
  • Just wondering in addition to these questions that have been satisfactorily answered on here. If I allow access to my Facebook to a third person, remotely, would my computer be safe? How should I protect it from possible viruses or whatever? Anything else I should be wary of..?
  • Lydia, you must never, ever, allow that. NEVER. Has someone asked?
  • I was just thinking of giving remote access for support with technical stuff on my computers. Didn't think it was a good idea. Thanks for the warning.
  • Can't recall which thread someone mentioned buying a laser printer on(?), which would give me more pages printed, compared to an ordinary inkjet printer.

    Just read online that, compared to an inkjet, a a laser printer could yield 3000 pages+ extra pages printed by comparison.

    So although considerably more expensive, the cost of buying the laser printer, and its cartridge, long term, if you print lots of pages, it is cost effective. And that's very much an under statement. So thanks for that advice all...
  • You might find that it's all relative. I was one who responded to that thread; I have a small inkjet HP 2130 and a semi-commercial Canon Laser MF226. The laser cartridges are dearer, but of higher capacity. Nevertheless, at 'normal' retail price, I agree that you're far better off with the Laser. Did you eventually buy one?
  • Yeah, thanks for that information about the laser printers, PET. Really informative, was that. Still looking, but think the more expensive the printer then that is where the savings are to be made..

    On another topic if you don't mind. Just had a phone call on my landline, from a company called 'outreach' who informed me that,as a business, I could get a reduction on my bills by signing up with them.

    Is this company connected to BT? Legit? Andwon't BT have something similar on their website for businesses? That all gets confusing for me. Can anyone provide any real details on this one, please?
  • I never ever take up any offer over the phone. They are intruding into your home for their own benefit.

    I think it's best to Google them, but my strategy is that if you want to use any service, then you should make the first approach.
  • Sounds like a sales cold call to me. Did they give you any information you could look into (web address? emailed brochures?) to research their claims more deeply yourself? Otherwise disregard.
  • Even if they are legit, it's not really for anyone here to say what would suit you
  • Thanks for the warning. I'll go online to check the details of that company he mentioned and, perhaps, ring BT about that.

    Definitely right not to give out any information via phone or suchlike.

    Generally, tend to call the company direct if someone claims to be from there.

    I thought nuisance calls could be prevented? Will look into that, too. Be cautious...
  • edited February 2017
    I thought nuisance calls could be prevented?
    Never. Many are made from 'random dialers' which call numbers sequentially and are therefore not picked up by blocked call registers, etc.

  • I don't get any nuisance calls. I don't think they are allowed to do the random dial thing any more, or the sequential dialling. I haven't had a call from someone I haven't give my number to for at least a year, probably longer. Decided to be ex-directory when we moved down here 32 years ago and have never regretted it - it has kept our privacy wonderfully.
  • I don't get any. Most of those callers withhold their numbers and my phone doesn't accept them. Although I have never needed to I can add numbers to a 'blocked' list. A phone with caller display is very useful.
  • You never can be too sure about things, so best to err on the side of caution.

    They did use my landline number when I set up my website with Yell, and as they mentioned my pen name, I presume that information is still available.

    As I have Sky broadband, think I'll check out their packages with landlines and mobiles too. Might make a saving.

    Also, checked out some details on ecotanks. They seem just right for my needs. Lots of pages printed, for a fraction of the price and ink cartridges that only need replacing every two years or so. Cost effective in the long run. Will check that out further..
  • On the radio yesterday they said treat every cold caller as a scam. It's the safest way.
  • That's good advice. Have been too trusting with people, but these days, I tend to have barriers erected around me. Sad, really, but that's the real world.
  • Trying to speed up my laptop. In an article it suggested that freeing up space from my task manager section, programmes on there, will help with this.

    What happens when i 'end' certain programmes with the most memory to them? Will that effect my laptop? Eg. Norton 360(32 bit) 43.2MB or service host: local system quite a few of those ones...? Any suggestions, please?
  • Don't touch those! You'll affect your internet and security.

    Check how many tabs you have open on your browser and shut all the ones you aren't using.

    Check how many programmes you are running on the task manager - have you forgotten to quit anything you aren't using at the minute - this would be applications, not the things you mention above. For instance, at the minute i have Jing open (it takes photos of my desktop - took a picture yesterday of something I was doing and forgot to shut it after). Quit those sorts of things. Not ANYTHING that you don't know what it is.
  • Ahem, dear Lydia.

    I don't think it's the speed of the laptop you should be concerned with; it should be the speed at which you put words INTO it!!!! :D
  • Thanks for the warning, Liz. Just proves that you can't take everything you read on the net as accurate. Am suitably warned on that now.

    Don't worry, PET. I'm making some progress. Just reading through the first act of my script I can see ways of pumping up the volume of my themes to extract as much drama from each and every word spoken or descriptive passage. Feeling a degree of confidence in this plot now. The hope that I can turn it into some sort of agreeable formula. That's still my dream.

    Downloaded Shirley Bassey's greatest hits album. Such a dramatic singer. 'Kiss me, honey, honey, kiss me. Thrill me...'. I love that woman and her provocative voice. Swoon...
  • Been checking out the idea of replacement ink, as being cheaper that way. Are there any reputable companies that can be recommended...?
  • You might find Cartridge World to be one of the better ones. They retail both originals and re-manufactured - some of which you must be wary of because I have found some are a 'thinner' ink. Staples often as good offers on originals, problem is that you have to buy 3 or 4 of the damn things.
  • So there IS a drawback in using these type of cartridges? Think maybe I should just prompt myself to use draft mode more often on my laptop as i tend to forget that function. But yes that would reduce the amount of ink being used...

    Does anyone know, by the way, why my iPad should suddenly shut me out of this forum and suggest that it isn't a trusted one to open up on my browser..? I opened it anyway. Just a glitch?
  • Certificate seems to have expired. Not usually a concern for a well trusted site but something to be wary of for sites you don't know. Webbo will fix it on Monday I expect. Can only access this on my phone as my pc is blocking it. I expect that is why it is so quiet today.
  • Did send an email on this subject today as I can only get through on my iPad, via that link that suggests the website isn't to be trusted.. hope my iPad's security is safe...
  • Yep, your iPad is fine. Those of us who have not yet qualified for entry into the upper echelon have been deprived entry for three days.
  • Thanks for that, PET. The site's working perfectly now.

    Been on twitter and there's an account called @thewritelife. Has anyone ventured onto there? It offers websites that can aid writers in their ambitions to connect with others or employ tactics that wil allow you to get ahead of the game.

    Is this account real? How do you find out which ones have been set up to mislead people...?
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