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Music While You Work

edited March 2017 in Writing
I greatly enjoy writing. But I can also get bored very easily. I find the pressure and potential tedium almost completely alleviated through the use of music. Be it Classical, modern, popular, from a movie, TV series/program or video game, or some other form of music, I greatly enjoy letting it flow through me and move my fingers across the keyboard. I even switch up music when I can to make sure my fingers run to the same rhythms as my story.

So, this is just for the heck of it, but what music really gets those fingers moving and stops you from succumbing to the roaring monster of boredom? What varieties and trends? What styles for what style of writing? Be not afraid, unburden yourself and allow it to shine for all to see. Who knows, you may bring hope to someone struggling with writer's block.


  • I have a playback list of electro-dance I'll have up loud for note taking and research. BUT, I can't have anything while writing or editing. Strange how we all differ.
  • Funeral March
  • Total silence is music to MY ears!
  • I'd get too distracted. I don't know how writers can slip completely into a fictitious world when the real world is still tugging at their psyche.
  • No way would I have music playing. That puts someone else's emotions into you. Besides being bloody irritating. In fact OH has to use headphones and shut the door to the music room.
  • Not me. I need to work with no distractions and "wake up" from a writing spell somewhat surprised to discover that it's five o'clock on a Friday in Herefordshire and not, say, a scorching day in 6th century Babylonia as in my current project.
  • A number of my stories/poems refer to music or have scenes where music is important, mainly soul, blues etc so listening to Ray Charles or Sam Cooke helps set the mood rather than be a distraction, I once wrote a whole story in which all the characters can be found in Dion (DiMucci) songs but no one knows that. Oh!
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