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Hello, I love you...

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After a bit of advice with my current WIP... I'm about 75% through the story but have skipped a middle section as it would just not flow for me. The section involves the development of two characters relationship, they've already met and had a first date and now I've jumped ahead to where they are living together and fully committed, so my issue is how much (or little) of a relationship do we need to see for it to be convincing?

I recent read a short novella where a couple had fallen in love and confessed their innermost secrets on the first date and that just left me cold!

Another, but somewhat lesser, issue I am having is to find an alternative word for a car or van, my story is set in a whole different world so I didn't want to have all of the same words as we do - I've so far opted for "vehicle" but that just sounds rather clunky... would the word car being used in a different world stand out as wrong???

Thanks in advance for any thoughts :)


  • Have a look at car in the dictionary. You might get some inspiration from the derivatives/origins – carful, carrum, carrus, etc.

    Carium might work...? Carivan?
  • How about a 'papsot' = people and pet system of transport, perhaps a Papsot 1.6D!
  • LizLiz
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  • Read 'A Place called Winter', Patric Gale, he's just done that very thing - a character met his future wife on chapter and the next he is married with a baby.
  • Thanks for the thoughts :)
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