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Who's in June 2017's Writing Magazines?

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Who's in June 2017's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until 4th May so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

(Advance copies have arrived at WM office (seen on Facebook), so lets hope for early delivery to subscribers too.)


  • June? It was Christmas a minute ago...
  • Yeah, so we go back to the Mince Pie thread?
  • June? It's been 7C out there today. It's nowhere near June!
  • We had June weather at the beginning of April. Now we will have June mag at the beginning of May. It's like an episode of Doctor Who!
  • Does anyone know they'll be in this issue?
  • Second part of my article about writing delusions should be in there :)
  • Second part of my article about writing delusions should be in there :)
    Are you sure?
  • Has anyone received their copy yet?

    Our post has been for today, so it's going to be another month when the subscriber copy arrives at the same time or after it appears in store.
  • I'm not ready for it. I feel like a juggler who already has his hands full of balls.

    So to speak.
  • Lucky juggler!

    Haven't got mine, but I am over endowed with patience. :-S
  • Just seen on the website that I was shortlisted in the Open short story comp. :)
  • Congratulations Heather. :)
  • Thank goodness the website's updated promptly…

    Well done, Heather. :)
  • Ooh, lovely, heather!
  • Can't do thanks on my phone and there is a man in my pc room doing plastering. So thanks all! A nice surprise.
  • Well done, Heather.
  • Congratulations, Heather.
  • This has just reminded me to do a last edit/polish of my story for the paranormal comp... the deadline looms!
  • Great stuff, Heather.

  • Post has been - no mag on the doormat.
  • Mine has arrived.

    Anyone else?
  • Yes, got it!
  • Yep, got mine too. Bit of self-aggrandising promotion in the Subscriber's Spotlight (p55)

    Too bad, PM, it's been posted to the campervan!
  • Mine came today. Well done, Heather.
  • Nothing in the post today. :(

    I tweeted about it. Webbo hasn't replied. :(
  • edited May 2017
    It's not good enough. Other magazines arrive when they should, so why isn't WM? :(
  • Just got home to find mine waiting for me.
    You are right Carol it's not good enough. I also subscribe to Outdoor Photography (monthly) which always arrives on the Saturday before it is due on the following Thursday.
  • My daughter's games technology magazine arrives a week before it's in stores too.
  • No WM in my post box today. I suppose they think a Bank Holiday is enough of an excuse. Wrong. I'm expecting another magazine from England which is also overdue.

    What's the world coming to? What happened to 'An Express (Telegraph/ WM, delete as applicable) came at midnight'? Jane Austen would have lost one of her best moments from P&P if the Bennets had had to rely on the current system. 'An Express came at 4pm, three days after it was supposed to arrive, and re-directed from the Outer Hebrides' doesn't have the same cachet.
  • Suggest somebody sends them a tweet to complain followed up with message on their FB page
  • No reply to tweet or on Facebook. L-)
  • Haha! A reply on Facebook.
  • What did it say?
  • edited May 2017
    "Hello Helen - have you got your copy yet? We've heard from quite a few subscribers whose copies have arrived."
  • Well, that's encouraging!! =))
  • I've spotted a TBer or two, a client and some Twitter friends. I will study it later.
  • Mine arrived this morning. I can't get worked up about whether it arrives before or after it's available in the shops, because it isn't available in the shops here anyway!

    I haven't opened the cellophane yet, but belated congrats to Heather.
  • Still not in WHSmith in Leeds :(
  • Well done Heather, br and PET!
  • Got the other mag I was expecting. Haven't got WM. If it doesn't come tomorrow, it will be Tuesday at the earliest as we have a bank holiday on Monday.
  • Looked right through. A few familiar names!
  • No WM today either. I'll have to wait until Tuesday now. Thumb-twiddling is over-rated.
  • Still no WM. Beginning to get annoyed now. An annoyed Bear is not a Good Thing.
  • Still no WM. Beginning to get annoyed now. An annoyed Bear is not a Good Thing.
    You must have it today. Surely?

  • Email the subs department.
  • I tweeted. Couldn't find a way to post on the FB page. If it's not here tomorrow, I'll email them. Last chance saloon.
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