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IP address. Sharing with someone else's computer?

Just went on my laptop and a pop-up came on-screen saying 'another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact network administrator to resolve issue'.

Have been trying to deal with these computer problems myself, as you have all advised me to do. Learn to use the devices properly, by going online to find out how to. This one has me foxed.

Some advice was to reboot the router and all my devices at the same time? Also that this is usual and will resolve itself once you start using the computer again? So confused as to what to do here...? Are my computer and files at threat? Any advice??


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    Are you set up for, homegroup sharing?

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    An IP address is exclusive to an individual user in the same manner as is a phone number. C2 has flagged one scenario; but more likely, if you're on wi-fi, someone has tapped into your connection. Have you secured your wi-fi connection? Check 'settings' for connections and sharing.
  • ...and give it a password.
  • Am in settings, at the control panel home. Access remote app and desktops, no connections available on this computer???

    Network sharing centre. Change sharing options for different network profiles. Network discovery is on. This computer is visible to other network computers? Turn that off? And file and printer sharing and home group connections(recommenced to allow windows to manage this???) Turn these both off too? Password protected is turned on.

    Where do I change the password and if I turn any of these off will it affect my other divices or things like Dropbox??
  • Switched off network discovery, file and printer sharing, home group connection. Hasn't affected Dropbox being updated. Is that what was necessary? Where do I place a password?
  • Was your router provided by your ISP? If it was you need to contact them and explain what you need.
  • The router was provided by Sky. I can contact them, yes. About the password that Liz suggested changing. Should I download windows password genius advanced for this or ask Sky? Thanks for your help..
  • I'd get in touch with Sky and tell them you need to change your router password. As they provide your service it's better to go through them first.
  • But is this what the problem is? I suspect it could well be something else. If it was apple I'd say ring apple and ask what the problem as and they'll let you know. Can you ring Microsoft in the same way?
  • It might be, but if she stops them using her router and there's still an issue then it may need checking for a hidden virus or such.
  • On Microsoft website, they seem to suggest that this happens quite frequently when a computer has been inactive for a period(mostly use my iPad).

    They suggested that Windows should automatically obtain a new IP number from your router once you start the computer again and all will be normal once more. It's not harmful to your computer or network?
  • So you don't need to do anything at all.
  • Not sure. Did try microsoft's number, but it wasn't available so I'll try again tomorrow. Have switched off those areas suggested on here without it affecting the running of my computer so all I can do is take up your suggestion, Liz, and ring Microsoft tomorrow, or sky even, to see if they can advise...?
  • Or reboot and see if you get the same message. It may have gone.
  • Good idea. I'll try that...
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    Gone to the command prompt entered config /release and config /renew. On the screen it says 'no operation can be performed on local area connection while it has its media disconnected' and a similar message about the wireless network connection..Is this important with regard to creating a new IP address? Getting terribly technical and confusing now...Should I get someone in to deal with this??

    The pop-up hasn't come onto my screen anymore and I did reboot it earlier. one red light and two green came onto my router, instead of all green so I turned the router off via the button for half an hour then switched it back on. All green now and working properly. Do I need to know about DHCP? (????????)
  • That's good news, Lydia. If you yourself haven't set up a home group on your gadget then that isn't or wasn't the problem, but its always good to check these things. You can change passwords yourself, from your control panel, it is advised to change them now and again. I read once that phoning MS, was not a good idea as they charge, whether this is right, I'm not sure, but it sounded, at the time, a pricy affair.
    Hope all is well this morning.
  • I thought once you reconnected it allocated a new IP address? So it should be fine after rebooting. But good idea to change WiFi password just in case.
  • I've located my default gateway and entered various versions of but it just says site can't be reached. so how do I get the authentication required panel onscreen so I can change the password?
  • They have to tell you if they are going to charge - and they didn't tell me when I phoned up and didn't charge. 'Twas about Microsoft Office, though. A product so a bit different.

    Are you sure that message isn't because you turned so many things off?
  • Got the authentication required box onscreen. Entered username, password, changed wifi password and it refused to recognise this. So had to change back to previous password to connect with net again. What did I do wrong? Followed all the instructions?

    Wondering if I turn off network discovery, file and printer and home group connection would this be enough to prevent anyone accessing my computer? So I won't need to change the password(should have been simple to change, typing in new passsord and clicking on apply, but no. Nothing doing???!
  • If you have a password, then no-one can access your computer, and you have a password. so don't worry.
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    So I don't have to turn off any of those mentioned in my previous post, then? Even if I am somehow sharing this network with another computer, they cannot access directly mine or my files?
  • If you have a password, then no-one can access your computer...
  • That pop up hasn't come up onscreen any more. Does that mean the issue is resolved now, otherwise surely it will keep appearing...
  • If you have a password, then no-one can access your computer...
    Do you think that is what is happening?

  • Why would anyone wish to hone in on my computer? They can't possibly know what's on there that could be of interest to them and if they wanted to imbed a virus they would have had plenty of time to do that. I have Norton security to deal with that.. and what I read on Microsoft forum is that this is quite common and nothing to worry about. Just a glitch..
  • It is a glitch, I was just saying passwords don't mean much to people in the know. Crack on with writing, let the computer goblins wear themselves out on their own :)
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