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Anyone Interested in Getting Some Writing Work Done?

edited February 2018 in Writing
If anyone is interested in getting some writing work done then you can hire me here: https://www.fiverr.com/omerkam/devote-my-time-to-writing-you-an-article-or-a-blog


  • LizLiz
    edited February 2018
    Why would you ask that on a forum bristling with creative writers? Know your market. If you can't get that right I'm not sure I'd trust your creative writing.
  • Why would I want someone else to write for me!!!
  • Yeah, I can manage ok on my own, thank you.
  • I'm never quite comfortable with the word 'wordsmith' and here we have, for God's sake, the word 'wordcraft' as well
  • edited February 2018
    What a fabulous idea.

    Why spend my time crafting my novel, developing characters and their relationships, plotting and fine tuning the twists and turns in my narrative when I can simply pay some one else to "wordcraft" it for me?
    You are quite correct in saying "time is of the essence".....

    Ta ra, Omer.

    PS. Good luck with flogging your writing services to a forum full of writers.
  • Your magic has expired on your product page. I can improve it for you for £10.69.
  • There are plonkers and there are prize plonkers - we didn't draw the short straw then :))
  • Wasn't this another advertiser, never got zapped?
  • I don't know if it ever got flagged. I think everyone was too busy enjoying taking the p*** out of him.

    (Didn't Lydia get ripped off using someone through fiverr.com?)
  • Reminds me of when consumer competitions often relied on a tie-breaker slogan. A magazine for compers ( people who enjoyed entering such contests) carried an advert from someone offering to write 3 slogans for 50p - it was a long time ago. Now who would want to submit an entry using slogans the writer had clearly already discarded - or worse, if the same 3 were sent to everyone, would fall foul of the apt and original element.
  • I haven't written a word for 2 months maybe I'll give it a go....naah
  • I'm so busy moving that perhaps I should consider this kind offer. Would he write in my inimitable style, do you think?
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