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In the words of Victor Meldrew...

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'I don't believe it!'

I was in a coffee shop with my friends this morning when this email came through on my phone:

Edited to say:
Sorry if you missed my announcement. I have just been told not to mention it so I have had to delete my news. Those in the know, Mum's the word, eh?


  • How very excellent!
    And very well deserved too, of course xx
  • Wonderful. Well done.xx
  • That's wonderful!
  • Thanks, all. Yes, I am quite overwhelmed. I hope I can come up with something!
  • Ohh, just had another email to say keep it under my hat. I shall delete my announcement! Shh!
  • What announcement?
  • I hope you ARE wearing a hat?
  • Oh, poo! I missed it. :(
  • I have done 'the thing'. All will soon be revealed...
  • Well done TN whatever it is.
  • Ha, congratulations... whatever it is! Reading this on phone so became confused and thought the second part was what you received as a message... hah!
  • Mum's the word?

    What word is it though?

    Ummm? Num num num? Mmmuuuu?

  • I hope you ARE wearing a hat?
    Yes,one of those Welsh black pointy ones, but that's all.

    She's doing a striptease at the Eisteddfod and will be Bard for life

  • Gosh. Well, that explains the tidying up going on, on the gardening thread.
  • Damn. I knew it would get out...
  • edited May 2018
    Hide it with your hat then...
  • Is that a personal tip?
  • Just trying to be helpful.
  • edited May 2018
    .Hats are useful,

    There once was a hermit who lived in a dell,
    And this is no legend or myth that I tell,
    The sire of my sire did know him quite well,
    The Hermit.
    Now once every year, so the old story goes,
    He went to the lake to wash body and clothes.
    How the lake ever stood it God only knows,
    And He won’t tell.
    One day as he stood there all dripping and wet
    Two lovely young maidens, his shy vision met.
    For it’s true, at this love game he wasn’t a vet,
    So he blushed.
    He grabbed up his hat from its place on the beach,
    And covered whatever its broad brim would reach.
    And called to the maids with a horrified screech,
    Go Away!
    But the maids only laughed at his horrible plight,
    And begged him to show them the wonderful site.
    But he only held onto his hat oh so tight,
    To hide it.
    Then came an inquisitive impudent gnat,
    And sat where the hermit habitually sat.
    To brush off the insect, he let go the hat.
    Oh, horrors!
    That’s most of my story, but not quite yet all.
    For the truth could be seen by the great and the small.
    Though he let go the hat, the hat did not fall.
    A blessed miracle.
  • Lol!
  • edited May 2018
    Welcome back SM.
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