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Why are there no copies of the June edition of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine available in five local shops, where they are usually sold? I've questioned managers and people in head offices but none seem to know the answer. I sent an email to Menzies but there's been no reply so far.


  • Oh Patricia - and you wanted to buy multiple copies too :(
  • Order them online?
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    Hi Lizy and Baggy. Thanks for your comments. I subscribe to the mag, received two copies by post and the local Coop has SNL June issues. I've contacted the publisher and hope to have news on Monday, of why Menzies haven't delivered in town. I'm disappointed because lots of local people were involved in the event I wrote about and took photos of for the June issue.
    Perhaps I'm making too much fuss, better have an early night!
  • Hope the distribution mystery was resolved satisfactorily, Patricia, and others have been able to see your efforts. I've noticed some shops seem to have issues of magazines long before others in the same area but they generally arrive eventually. Only yesterday I visited two newsagents and a supermarket before tracking down a magazine due out the day before. It was for a neighbour who couldn't get out and I didn't want to disappoint.
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    Dunno what gives.
  • I'm often baffled by many things.
  • Better than being raffled.
  • Especially if no-one buys a ticket - imagine the shame!
  • Or you're won and then entered for another raffle. :(
  • Like a bottle of cheap wine!!!
  • Yep, no one likes a cheap writer. After a while you get tatty and dog-eared. Even sitting in a fridge won't help.
  • Imagine being in the bargain bin!
  • In the bargain bin at asda yesterday were: 2 books by Sophie Kinellar, looking very sorry for themselves, a book about tanks, (the ones with guns not the ones with water in), a Stephen King novel that he jointly wrote with his son - sleeping something or other, a large book about bird ringing- that's putting little brass rings on their legs not phoning up random ladies and annoying them, though that might have been a better read and "12 things for girls to do when it's raining." That's one struck me as a bit sexist and a bit short but never mind. The bargain bin in asda is eclectic if nothing else!
  • Which one did you buy, datco?
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