Wicked Words Quarterly

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Hi - this is a new quarterly magazine looking for submissions of original unpublished science fiction, fantasy and horror stories.

We will be publishing short stories and flash fiction and once a year a Novella.

According to Duotrope we are a semi-pro market, paying $0.01 per word and royalties on any profitable sales.

We are looking for several flash fiction stories of up to 750 words and several short stories of 1,000 to 7,500 words in length. For the Winter edition we will also be looking for a Novella of between 7,500 to 15,000 words.

We look to have a response time of up to 60 days but hopefully sooner than that.

Have a look and see if you want to submit one of your works.



  • "According to Duotrope" - that sounds worrying, shouldn't you know :P
  • Bookmarked to have a look at your website when I have more time, WW.
  • I'll rifle through my laptop, see if I can find anything worthy of submission.
  • Looking forward to seeing more submissions ;)

    Only have 78 to read so far...
  • I haven't written anything that would fit the criteria, WW. Sci-fi and horror aren't my genre, and I'm never sure what constitutes fantasy. I've written a story about slipping through a curtain into another world but it's a love story really.
  • Don't know if anyone submitted to this, but I was just clearing my bookmarked threads and found this one that I'd forgotten all about, so I clicked on the website and found this message:

    It is with regret that I have to announce the discontinuation of Wicked Words Quarterly as of immediate effect.
  • Yes, 4th of March, Claudia.

    So in Feb they were asking for submissions, in March telling everyone not to bother.

    Who is WickedWords anyway? I really don't like that or understand it, when there's no mention on a website of the person behind it all.
  • It was February 2014, Dora.
    He did join in a bit - you can see his comments on his personal page, but he stopped contributing fairly soon afterwards.
  • Oh right I see, sorry, my mistake about the dates, lol.
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