Name That Cat!

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It is not often that I'm stuck for a name, but I'm looking for something appropriate for a cat that features in Brockberrow, my never-to-be-published epic of life in a isolated and dysfunctional village.
The feline in question is owned by the Goatwoman, Evangelina Wiccawillie, who, rightly or otherwise, is credited by the villagers of possessing supernatural powers. The cat's companion is Snowy, a talking raven and the cat has a seemingly malevolent streak, being instrumental in the death of Marigold Fleecebuckle, landlady of the Badger's Ass pub. The cat, at the moment, has the working name of Cat.
Can you do better?
Should your suggestion be successful, I will guarantee, providing I like you, that your name will appear in bold print in the Acknowledgements of this never -to-be-forgotten, sure-fire, world-wide, best seller.
Thank you


  • How about Calpurnia.
  • Never mind the cat - I want to buy that book!!!

    I quite like it left as Cat, actually.
  • Lilith? (Mother of vampires, meant to be a joke, I suspect, in 'Frasier'.)
  • Pandora? Maleficent?

    By the way, am also waiting to read your book. You better get it finished.
  • Clawgripe? Mogneto? Cooking Fat?
    I really want to read that book, SM, so get on with it!
  • It certainly sounds fun, so keep going. :)
  • If you want something creeping, insidious and unpleasant how about Damp? or Mould? or Wet Rot?

    (Absolutely no connection to the sort of day I'm having!)
  • Slink?

    and you've got your fifth guaranteed sale (actually make that six - I want one for Dad too!)

  • Voldemort. Smaug would work! Rumple.




    Cat Demon.

    Debbie Hairy.

    Drew Hairymore.

    (Last three from pun website)

  • Is it a girl cat or a boy cat?
  • Waiting to read the finished thing - sounds good.

    What about Scratcat - Gargoyle - Felinsky - Grimwold - Gumspit
  • Furball.
  • Nosfuratu
  • Tabitha.
  • Is it a girl cat or a boy cat?
    female, obviously

  • Lucretia
  • Griselda
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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I rather like Ursula, at the moment. Rather prim and demure, but at the same time a no-nonsense sort of a name with a potential for ruthlessness.
    No decision yet though.
    I've noted the book orders, thanks, but I've been writing this for ten years+ and it could easily take another ten. Dickens went belly-up before he finished The Mystery of Edwin Drood. I could well go the same way.
  • No way are you going to go belly-up before I have read about Evangelina Wiccawillie. It would break my heart. I'd be sorry about your passing, of course I would, but the further tragedy of your book not coming to its denouement would break me.
  • Thank you for your concern... :-S
  • Clean out of ideas, but love some of the suggestions (although Cat is my current favourite). Please add me to your list of book orders, SM.
  • Now get on with it, SM. :D
  • I like 'cooking fat' [spoonerism]

    What about HELLSBELLS for your cat, SM?

    knew a chap who had two dogs called Howdy and Doody ;))
  • Mogadishu? Catatonia?
    Write the darn thing!
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    Desdemona was the name of a friend's on-off girlfriend who, whenever she came over to Tenerife to visit him, apparently clawed him half to death in passion. Therefore an appropriate name for a cat of uncertain disposition.

    And I'll have a copy of the book.
    Stop faffing about a name and get your finger out.
  • Cataplasm? Mogwitch? I can keep this up for weeks.
  • Still pondering SM?

    How about something Egyptian, they did after all worship cats. Some good names here with meanings too.
  • Not sure why that posted twice, apologies.
  • Pursephone. (This is not purse + phone, btw. It's Persephone, i.e. Per-sef-ony)

    I'm with Mrs Bear. This could easily become my new hobby. You'll be pleased to hear I'm holding back (with some difficulty).
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    I'm pleased to see that I've opened another interesting and fruitful avenue for procrastination for TBers.
    At the moment I'm inclined to stay with 'Cat', or maybe 'Ursula', but I'd hate to spoil anyone's fun, so keep 'em coming. It's going to be years before I need to make a final decision anyway.

    @Johnnywriter: I actually went down the Egyptian cat god route a while back, but dismissed the idea on the grounds that self-indulgent intellectual amusement on my part would be lost on anyone desperate enough to read the crap I churn out.

    I thank all of you who have supplemented your suggestions with what I suppose to be words of 'encouragement'.
  • Tiddles.
  • That 'encouragement' is potential sales, SM. We are all quite sincere.

    Just the snippet you mentioned is intriguing, and sounds like we're in for a fun read.

    So go for it. You may just find there's a lot of other readers out there who would enjoy it too.
  • Catlick; Catsup; Catnip; Caterwaul. (I'll be back...)
  • Our old cat was Sir Charles of Edwards, aka Purrkins Furcat.
  • Bathsheba (although that is the name of one of my literary cats)
    Blodwyn (wonder what/who gave me that idea)
  • Tiddles.
    This is my 'Cat' thread, not 'What were you doing just then', Lizy

  • Ackshully, TN, Blodwyn might just be the one!

    Whatever, it's an ideal name to go on a SHORT list. ;))
  • Diabola
    Othello (just in case it's actually a boy)
  • Flashcat.
  • Quince
  • Kitty seems a suitably cute name for one with malevolent tendencies
  • *panics about falling off the shortlist*

  • Better than falling off a long list.
  • Tiddles.
    This is my 'Cat' thread, not 'What were you doing just then', Lizy

    Ha ha bloody ha.
    If that's the best you can do I shall cancel my order.

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    Cancel and be damned! :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))

    I actually only did one smiley, but seven showed up!
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