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Now writing my third novel I am considering either having my own website or a blog. Can anyone advise which I should choose and why? Also how much time do you devote to them?


  • Depends on what you can commit to.

  • And what you want it for. If it's just a static web presence/advert then a website is probably best. If you want to try to build some kind of relationship with your readers and give updates on yor activities then a blog is better.

    Websites don't require much time once they're set up (but generally cost money).

    A blog only works if you regularly update it, reply to comments and visit other blogs. You'll need to allocate some time at least once a week.
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    I have both. And you can also have a website with a blog section.

    Blogs are tricky as you always have to have something new to say - if you are promoting a book, or even three books, that will soon become boring.

    Unless, of course, the books are on a subject around which you can talk, or you decide to give hints and tips on writing or somthing. If your blog is about you as a writer, you can't really start an opinion blog as you might irritate those who don't share your opinions.

    This is my website:


    I write animal poetry so it's easy - my website has poems and videos and info etc and my blog i use for things like animal info, poems, news about animals/poetry/me or sustainability, things about my dog etc.

    This is my blog:

  • Aye, both with a blog 'page' is best way to do it IMHO.

  • Blogs are tricky as you always have to have something new to say - if you are promoting a book, or even three books, that will soon become boring.

    Yes, blogs do have to be about something other than 'buy my book'.
  • As mentioned on a previous thread. Having radical viewpoints, I realise this could sway against me regarding film scripts, my genre, although what I write is commercial and mainstream(so far!). So, I am thinking, I might have to go it alone and strike out with ebooks, add a bit of prose to the script. I assume it would be better to keep my politics out of the area by using a non de plume for, as someone suggested, I might irritate those who are just looking for a story based around love, however realistic it may be...? The aim being to sell as many ebooks as possible. Has anyone done this? Is it difficult to market an ebook and how many hours do you need to put into them? This might require a new thread...??
  • If your personal opinions don't match the content of your writing then yes, keep them separate.

    Successfully marketing ebooks is difficult, especially if you're not already well known in some way. There are already threads on the subject, but I'm not sure anyone has yet come up with a method guaranteed to get results.
  • That's why I would prefer to 'make my name' within the film industry. If you win a contract, it could be very lucrative and takes away the necessity to put in excessive hours marketing to ereaders to gain sales. I don't really have the health for that, nor the computer literacy, that's one of the reason's I have chosen scripts. And because it suits my style of writing best. I presume that, if a studio etc liked my story, but not my political viewpoints as expressed in tweets etc, then I could simply use a different name for credits purposes...? If my story was commercial enough, would they really turn up their nose at it and possible lucrative sales? That's what I am hoping will happen...
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