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Hi All,

Could you, please recommend me some sites where I can get free feedback on my short stories and flash fiction without the need to worry about plagiarism?
Thank you.


  • Writers Group!
  • Any site that puts your work in even a semi-public domain could leave you open to plagiarism, Balazs. You're letting people read it, so you either have to trust them or you don't do it.
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    I use Chapter Seventy nine. are others listed under 'useful websites'.

    I'd suggest picking a closed group - one where your work can only be read by people who join, not anyone who does a Google search. That's not so much a concern about plagiarism though, as not wanting the piece to be considered published before I've submitted it anywhere.

    Show anyone your work, even an editor and it could, potentially, get stolen. Asking for feedback is a risk in that respect, but only a very small one. The kind of plagiarism you're concerned about is very rare.

    btw, free means you don't need to write a cheque. If you want others to give you feedback then it's only fair you do the same for them.
  • Thanks, guys.

    Phots Moll, I would do that. I'm quite happy to give feedback.
  • I didn't mean to imply that you personally might not - it's just that I have come across people who ask for feedback and aren't willing to offer anything in return.
  • I didn't think you implied that :)
    I would be happy to do it but I didn't know where.
  • I have recently discovered 'Scribophile' which has a basic (free) enrolment or premium accounts. It runs on a 'karma' system where you earn points for reviewing other's work. Once you have earned 5 points (doesn't take long) you can upload a story or a chapter of a novel and get 3 critiques. Another good site is 'Authonomy' run by Harper Collins - critiques run on a goodwill basis. One member offers a free e-book cover design which is very handy. Finally, 'Litreactor' has an 'edit my paragraph' page where a professional writer will critique up to 300 words and write out an edited version for you - really useful. All the best with your writing.
  • That sound great, I'll have a look. Thanks.
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