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I've recently published a non-fiction book (in English) with a publisher based in Italy. It is both printed and formatted for ebook. While the ebook is readily available internationally, the printed book ships from Italy--which can be costly to the would-be reader. The publisher has explained that he does not have distribution rights in the UK and that a UK publisher would have to acquire the copyright to make the book available from the UK. The problem is that I approached the appropriate UK publishers in the first instance and my lack of success is what drove me out of country. A catch 22?

Anyone have any ideas of how I can solve this issue? The writing was enjoyable, but the business of publishing is. . . not.



  • Hello.

    You could self-publish it with CreateSpace or IngramSpark. CS would be cheapest, I think. You could then sell a paperback version - you'd need a new ISBN (free from CS but with restrictions, or buy your own for more freedom - can the existing one be used?).

    You do need to check that your current contract allows for any of this.
  • Or contact a rights seller and ask their fees.
  • And if you use create space you can't offer world rights, as Italy is taken.
  • Many thanks for these quick responses. I am looking into these ideas and welcome any further thoughts from others :)
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