Don't worry...

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  • Well, whatever it was, TN, I'm pleased for you. I've obviously missed something :)
  • Me too! :-?
  • I bleated prematurely.
  • It's all very well telling me not to worry, but how do I sleep tonight?
  • I bleated prematurely.

  • But, but but, telling people not to worry is the very way to make them worry. now I'm worried about nothing. It's so much more satisfying to worry about something. And THEN hear it's sorted. This is like applying a plaster before the cut. Which never happens. and you're stuck with a gluey spot for nothing! Attracting dirt! what have you DONE!!!!!!
  • I will buy some plasters. Just in case.
  • Don't worry...

    be happy!
  • Sorry, was too tired to explain (the precursor to a migraine, I now realise).

    I was asked to write in a genre I wasn't familiar with, so wondered if there were particular elements I should include. A few minutes later, I had it (!) so wiped away my comment, leaving only a smear of evidence behind.
  • Oh, I read that. I didn't reply because I couldn't help.
  • I wouldn't have replied either.
  • Looks like we're just left with her sticky fingerprints then...
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