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'The Post'
  • What do you think of the Spielberg film titled: 'The Post'?
  • It all depends on what the film is about.
    Postman Pat?
    The reliability of delivery services?

    You never know what's going to arrive on your mail mat or in your mailbox, virtual or real...
    could be scary :(

    Thanked by 1Patricia Lesley
  • :)

    I haven't seen it but when it arrives on the TV I might. Interesting story.
    Thanked by 1Patricia Lesley
  • I haven't seen it.

    All I can visualise is a concrete post used to tie the washing line to.
    Thanked by 1Patricia Lesley
  • Drama and romance James Bond style are no part of the film titled, 'The Post'. Scenes are shot in office or house film sets. Considering those severe limitations I thought the cast performed well but it was documentary material.
    The 'cinema' is managed by enthusiasts who show the films in Palgrave Community Centre. This week's title is, 'Finding Your Feet'.