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Does anyone know what has happened to WriteThisMoment

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Does anyone know what has happened to WritThisMoment com. A security warning issue warning came up and advised me to leave the page, have they been hacked or is it no longer in existence. Wee bit upset about this so can anyone enlighten me please. Thank you so much



  • http://www.writethismoment.com/

    Try this link Woll, McAffe says the site is okay.
  • Thank you Carol, what would we do without you?
  • [quote=Woll22]Thank you Carol, what would we do without you? [/quote]

    Not a lot...
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    Just been back on WritethisMoment then lost it, cannot get back to it for some reason,says there is a problem with the site.
  • I loved writethismoment.com and found it well worth the money.  But in June 2016 I tried to renew my membership only to find the same opportunities stayed up there for weeks on end.  The same page of opportunities are still up there three years later!  I emailed them to ask why the same page had been up for weeks and I got some ridiculous reply saying the owner was ill in hospital  I was sceptical but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt but asked for my fee back.  Unbelievably they said they would refund me on paypal and even sent a screen shot of it but did not send me my fee back.  When I emailed them again - they said they were 'sad' I felt the way I did i.e. annoyed that I had lost my money, but more importantly loss of access to what was a really good helpful site. Obviously the new owners don't even speak English. Does anyone know what happened to writethismoment.com?
     Obviously it changed hands.  I think it used to be run by Archant.  I would love to know what happened to this great site.  Please email back if you know or if you could recommend any similar sites.  Anyway - warning to anyone thinking of joining this site - don't.  They'll take your money and do precisely nothing - you will receive nothing and if you apply for your money back they'll pretend they've sent it to you on paypal.
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