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Can anyone help me out with some publishing etiquette?

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I submitted my children's novel to an American publisher in Nov. They said expect a response in 4-6 wks. No response, I thought OK, that was my last shot, I'll e-publish myself.
Today I get a request for full ms. Do you think they'll mind it being out on kindle? Should I unpublish till they've had chance to read or should I ask them what they would like me to do?


  • I'd say unpublish at least temporarily - the other publisher who's asking for the full MS may get upset and drop the whole thing, once they know you've e-published it; they might end up offering a good chunk of money for your MS! ;)
  • Does the American publisher produce e-books or paper copies? Or both.
  • Arrghh, no I think you'll find you've missed that ship unless they accept re-prints which wil rarely happen for books, rather than short stories. Did they say no simultaneous submissions?
  • Is it Oy Yew?
  • Have you sold any copies? If not then unpublish now. If you have then unpublishing probably won't make a difference - either they'll accept that you've self published or they won't and leaving it available while they consider the mss won't make any difference to them.
  • Sadly, they almost certainly will mind. You need to tell them and then it's their decison. Good luck, it can be difficult deciding what to do over publishers, they do take such a long time to come back sometimes.

    Just in case any one else gets in the same situation, if you don't hear back from a publisher, send a query email and before self pubbing, send another email withdrawing your book. It very common to not hear back for ages, I've got two novellas I'm still waiting on that said a response time for 4 weeks, and I sent them in July!
  • Unless it's flying off the virtual shelves it's probably a good idea to withdraw it, temporarily. Having self-published a book doesn't necessarily mean you'll scare off publishers (Amanda Hocking and EL James, anybody?), but it would complicate any deal.
  • [quote=Carol]Does the American publisher produce e-books or paper copies? Or both.[/quote]

    It's Pugalicious Press. I saw it in WN. They do e-books and paper. They're a small press so I don't imagine the advances are large. I've checked out their books on Amazon.com. The quality is there but the sales are poor.

    Yes, BaggyB, it's Oy Yew.
  • Just about 80% read of it and it's a wonderful book, beautifully written. It's a genuine five-star book - and there's not many of them around.

    I'd be honest with them, it's a book they will want to get their hands on.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]Just about 80% read of it and it's a wonderful book, beautifully written. It's a genuine five-star book - and there's not many of them around.[/quote]

    I'd agree with that. The language and the punning are absolutely tip top. I chuckled all the way through.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]Just about 80% read of it[/quote]

    Do you have a favourite character, BB?

    I got a soft spot for poor little Linnet - I think it's her name that got me.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]I'd be honest with them[/quote]

    Thanks, I think that's what I wanted to hear. I like to be straightforward. She might bin it without reading but I'd rather that than have it come up later when she's put the time in.
  • Definitely.
  • I agree that whatever you do you'll have to tell them.
  • Well, I just came clean and she came straight back and said it meant it was a no-go for them but please could I think of them before e-publishing future projects. So, another step on the learning curve, take note everyone: don't e-pub until you're sure you've exhausted your other options. Onwards and upwards.
  • Oh gosh. :(
  • [quote=ana s]future projects[/quote]

    I wonder - when you've written the sequel, if they might consider the set?
  • I tried to find you on a website etc last night and found your blog - but it doesn't really promote the book.

    Get straight on to the marketing of this book - give yourself a platform to work from. Maybe something with profiles on the characters?

    There are plenty of TBers who will offer guidance - just ask.

    Whatever you do in the future, this book is a launchpad and you need to take advantage of it.

    It's one of the best stories I've read and you deserve to do well.

    I hope to finish it later (part of me doesn't want to!) and will review it on Amazon and my own review site. It has the feel of a classic about it.

    You might find another publisher who isn't concerned about it being epublished. And if not? You can create a following for your work and that can only be good for your future writing.
  • Oh Ana, how frustrating! Still, it reflects the calibre of the book, and how nice to know that they are interested in further work.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]found your blog - but it doesn't really promote the book.[/quote]

    I know, I let it lapse after a few entries. I've got to be more of a pro with that stuff. I'm going to study some of the best blogs and try to put something together - then it will be back here for more advice. This is such a great forum for encouragement. Thanks BB.
  • [quote=Baggy Books] It has the feel of a classic about it.[/quote]

    And let's face it, Baggy reads A LOT of books. She knows what she's talking about.

    Good luck with this, ana.
  • Good luck ana. Self-pubbing a first book means you can build a following and the publisher will be even more interested in your next one.
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